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Ferrus Ross
Name: Ferrus Ross
Island of birth: Aperira
Age: 20
Preferred occupation: Scout
Species: Striped Skunk
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: White
Height (in feet and inches): 6, 0''

Character description:
Ferrus is your Typical skunk. He has an average build. He is pretty much a happy go lucky guy. You would have to really work hard to get him angry. The best way to do that would be to insult anyone he cares about. Family, friends and even his superiors. He has a strong sense of loyalty and is always ready to do what is requested of him. He like to use a bow.

Character Background/ Hystory:
Ferrus was born in one of the civilized communities on Aperira, but his parents had constant contact with one of the more feral tribes, as such he did too. He quickly befriended several of the feral tribe children and would often sneak off to meet them and go on adventures and hunting trips. A result of which he learned to be a marksman with a bow and arrow. He also learned how to track would often practice these skills. His mother an father were very proud. Ferrus had manged to learn more about the feral tribes ways then they could, yet he never once went Feral like they feared he might. 

Ferrus wanted to do something useful with the skills he had been taught and soon enough learned that a recruitment drive for the Overlords forces was starting. He bid he parents good buy, after promising to write often. 

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