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Alderion Diandre
Name: Alderion Diandre
Island of birth: January: Tiaanuare
Age: 29
Preferred occupation: R&D
Species: Brown Bear
Eye color: Blue
Hair color: Primarily dark brown, lighter brown around the mouth
Height (in feet and inches): 6'1"
Brief character description: His fur is primarily a dark brown, with some light brown surrounding his mouth and continuing in a small patch down his neck. He is of an average build and tends to keep his appearance prim and proper. At first it might seem like Alderion is quiet and shy, but really he is just cautious around people he doesn’t know. To those he does, he is fairly chatty and definitely protective. Well, when you can drag him away from whatever gadget he is messing with.
Character background/history: Alderion was always a bit of an odd one on Tiaanuare, given his love of technology, and his tendency to get into trouble trying to get his hands on it. Most of the time he made due with whatever he could find, so needless to say, not much. This meant that most of his free time was spent playing outside and reading what books he could find.
Thankfully his parents were fairly understanding of this fact, so they would let Alderion pursue his interests so long as he finished his work around the homestead first. Of course this all changed when he told them his plans to leave the island to pursue his dreams. In the end though they came to an agreement, although time will tell if this agreement was a good idea or something Alderion will come to regret.
I'd personally put him on a less-luddite island. The people there are there because they completely shun all technology on principal, anyone who didn't really follow those views wouldn't have stayed long, since Polar is rather militant about what gets through. Which also means he couldn't miss or desire what he was never exposed to. It is more likely that his parents visited other islands, perhaps looking to move if Polar's stranglehold on technology was starting to get a little to radical for them and wanting a better place for their son. The fascination could have started during one such trip.
Hm, ok I can see that making sense. I will try to work around that then.

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