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Posting Guidlines
Okay I know you guys are all really excited to Start RPing (I've been reading and trying to get caught up with the forum and reply) This makes it REALLY HARD when people continue to go ahead when I haven't replied to a previous question. Or furthered things. I do apologise in my lack of response but the more people post in between mine, the more daunting it is to keep up with. Regrettably I am going to be deleting posts to return the pace to something a bit more managable. I appreciate SOME Liberties being taken but don't bulldoze my plans entirely There is an order. I was waiting for everyone to post at least once before I replied to the questions being posed. I didn't expect, coming back to it, to have the thread all but hijacked.

This is partially my fault, I own that. But please don't assume my responses, or go ahead after asking a question. As of now, I am putting the same restriction on the arrival thread as I have on BC, with one post per-mod post. It will allow me to respond more quickly, (I promise) and keep the thread going. This way one or two people doesn't drown out the thread and it allows everyone to get equal chance to post.

I am very sorry this wasn't as clear as it should have been. This was my mistake, I'm going to fix it. I see the problem started around page three so that's where I'm going to start pruning. Please read the thread again to see where I removed posts (i still will keep them archived for posterity. but you won't be able to see them.

None of you have been dismissed, we were still in the phase of answering questions. I have pruned all conversations regaurding that. and sent PMs to some members to get them back on the same page. It's not your fault, it's mine but in the future, unless *I* post something do not assume my actions.

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