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Boot camp Training Day 1 Military Department.
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Darius Steele and Tigermark. This post is for Military sorted recruits only.

The morning broke bright and early, the sun already showing it's warmth over the island. As the recruits filed to their respective tents at their respective times, Darius Steele had decided to find some time to grab a cup of tea before settling down at the back of the Military tent. Tigermark was more than capable of training the recruits though Darius had planned on carefully observing the few recruits that military had been able to acquire.
Captain Mark M'Rega was settling the last details of his uniform into place. He looked over himself one last time before leaving his tent, making sure everything was as it should be. He'd slipped onto the island on the last ferry bringing recruits in last evening, wearing a wide boonie hat pulled low and a crumpled shirt and faded jeans. Looking nondescript, he was able to observe most of the goings-on with this batch unnoticed.

This morning, he'd been up well before the sunrise, while it was barely light enough to see. He'd had a run around the perimeter, showered, and had breakfast. Now in regular uniform, he was ready to greet whatever recruits had been assigned to him. General Steele would have their files with him, as he always liked to address the Military recruits before they got started.

Satisfied with his appearance, "Tigermark" as his friends called him took the short walk from his small personal tent to the Military tent and training grounds. The camp was abuzz with activity as the recruits began their morning and made their way toward their assigned training tents.

As he walked into the Military tent, Tigermark found General Steele already seated at the table in the back of the tent. He walked up, came to attention and saluted.

"Good morning General, Captain M'Rega reporting for kitsitting duty as ordered, Sir!"
All Hail the Overlord!
To say Ketha was still nervous was an understatement. She had been part of the last group of arrivals to reach the island. Because of this she barely had time to introduce herself to her new commanders or her fellow recruits. Not soon after had she gotten her new uniform that it was off to bed. Normally Ketha prided herself in being an early bird, she blamed her father and her job on a fishing trolley for that. Now however she found herself closer to a zombie than her usual morning self.

Ketha believed it was nothing short of a miracle that she was able to get dressed in a halfway decent state, she knew her hair was a mess but didn't have the energy to even try and make it presentable. Breakfast tasted like cardboard, though Ketha wasn't sure if it was because of her exhaustion or if the food was actually that poor. Either way she did begin to feel more awake now that she had something in her stomach. However that only meant her nerves returned and tied her stomach up in knots as she made her way to the military tent. So a tired, queasy, and nervous Ketha stood awkwardly at the entrance to her designated tent. Her frazzled brain unable to decide if she should walk right in with a sharp salute or wait to be called.
Harlan had been a bit surprised to have been assigned to the Military Department, figuring his background would have more likely landed him in logistics or some other similar aspect of Her Overlord's service. He certainly wasn't a soldier in terms of any weapons training, apart from sport weapons like skeet. But there must have been a good reason for the appointment, and he was interested to see where it would lead.

The previous day of indoctrination, questioning, and uniform procurement had all been a whirlwind of activity that had left him with little or no opportunity to meet his fellow recruits. That, too, should change now that his appointment had been made. The squrl wondered who had also been assigned to the Military tent?

Harlan soon saw an answer to that question as he saw a tall blue dragoness with somewhat disheveled green hair standing at the entrance to the tent. Her nervously swaying tail, nearly as long as she was tall, presented a slight obstacle that the squrl had to navigate around as he stepped up from behind and to her left. She towered a good three feet above Harlan's head, so he had to tilt his eyes up quite a bit to observe her features. Her eyelids sagged, a slight grimace was on her snout, and the uniform showed signs of hasty dressing.

Hmm...didn't oversleep, but didn't get much sleep either. Nervous, maybe having second thoughts? Might be having butterflies in the tummy as a result. Harlan thought to himself. Maybe he could help by taking her mind off the situation for a moment.

"Howdy there, ma'am," Harlan said in a friendly voice that carried inflections of what would be called 'southern' in parts of the United States. "Glad to see I'm not the only one assigned Military! I hope we get off to a good start with our superiors today." He waited for the dragoness's reply.
Darius smiled as the two recruits entered the tent and stood up. "Welcome, both of you. As you both know I am General Darius Steele of her majesty's military forces. As we have had little use for combantants in our present peacetime I find this is a spectacular opportunity to explore the sorts of things that you will be required to do during peacetime as well as war-time status. Captain M'rega will be helping you with the latter, and I shall observe for the moment. Captain?" Darius peered over his shoulder at the Tiger. "I think some sparring practice and instruction should wake them up don't you?"
Unfortunately for those present, Ketha's indecisiveness on entering had essentially been decided for her. Seconds after Reb attempted to introduce himself Ketha had what could be adequately described as a "spaz attack". Her tired mind had not been prepared for the sudden arrival of the comparatively small squrl, so the abrupt interruption of her thoughts would only have one possible response thanks to her current state of mind. With a sudden shocked outburst of gibberish she sprung away from the sudden noise of Reb's appearance, and ran smack into the entrance of the tent, bouncing off the cloth and support, throwing her back towards her fellow recruit. Luckily the surge of adrenaline from her panic gave her enough of a state of mind to change her trajectory just enough to keep from collapsing on him.

Unfortunately this meant she unceremoniously toppled over herself into the front entrance, rather than the far more common method of stepping through it. The tangle of dragoness limbs, tail, and hair, fell flat on the ground before Darius, kicking up a small cloud of dust. Ketha merely lay on the ground, wishing that the fall had at least knocked her unconscious. Instead she merely sighed into the dirt, hoping that she hadn't just permanently screwed herself over. Not just in the eyes of her superiors, but her fellow recruits.

At least I can only go up from here I suppose, Ketha thought to herself as she slowly attempted to right herself and become slightly more presentable.
Harlan hadn't meant to startle the blue-hued dragoness, and had just managed to step aside when the dragoness started to fall back towards him, only to recover and fall forward through the tent flap. The squrl winced at the sound of her 'thump!' on the ground; then, opening his eye, just caught sight of General Steele and a uniformed tiger-morph through the open flap.

Oh boy, talk about not making a good first impression! Harlan thought to himself. I'd better see if I can help the poor girl out.

With that, the squrl stepped through the tent flap on the opposite side from Ketha, came to attention, and saluted the officers inside. "Recruit Stuart, reportin' for duty, sirs!" he said smartly, not focusing his gaze on either of his superiors. "My apologies for accidentally startling my fellow recruit, General. It was wholly unintended and I hope the General will not hold the manner of her entrance against her, sir, as it was my fault more than hers."
It was all Mark could do to keep a passive expression on his face as the tall dragoness literally fell into the tent. The squirrel who popped in beside her and did his best military salute and greeting, and tried to ease her embarrassment gave just the right dichotomy to strike his sense of humor. The unusual accent the squirrel had didn't help. Darius' statement was just what he needed to keep him on track.

"An excellent idea, General," the tiger replied as he stepped over to a rack along the side wall of the tent. He picked up two poles, each about a meter and a half long and seven centimeters in diameter. Each had a silver cap on each end, but the recruits couldn't see any details other than that. Mark fiddled with each for a brief moment, and then walked to the two recruits. He nodded to Recruit Stuart's salute as he continued on past them.

"Apology accepted. Now, back outside you two. Follow me."

Directly outside the tent was a well-worn circular area, it's surface dusty and barren from the tread of many feet. In the center of the area, Mark turned smartly about and faced back toward the tent. He held up the poles, one in each hand.

"These, for now, will be called sparring poles. Both of you take one, square off, and FIGHT!"

(OOC: This counts as a Mod Post.)
All Hail the Overlord!
On the one hand, Ketha could breathe a sigh of relief as she dusted her new uniform off. It would seem that the Captain wasn't holding her poor initial display against her. At least it didn't seem like they were. She smiled to herself and with as much dignity as she could muster she turned and began to walk to where the Captain now stood. She instantly began to regret it. While she felt a bit more confident, it would seem her stomach still didn't agree with her. It twisted and turned as she made her way slowly toward the sparring area. Ketha gave a quick salute as she took her sparring pole, before taking her place she turned back around and walked back up to the much smaller squirrel. "Just a heads up," she said, using the pole as a means of steadying herself, "I might throw up on you. So uh, watch out for that."

With her warning given, the slightly greener dragonness took her place at one end of the field.
The squirrel also saluted Captain M'Rega as he took the proffered staff from his superior, then went to his designated place on the sparring circle...only to be approached and warned by the green-around-the-gills blue dragoness of her gastrointestinal distress, before she settled into her own sparring position opposite him.

"Oh boy," Harlan muttered to himself under his breath with some trepidation.

Although he had some experience with staff fighting, he wouldn't say he was especially proficient with it. More significantly, though, he was up against an opponent half again his height and probably at least twice his mass--how was he to even affect her? Finally, he wasn't partial to the idea of wearing dragon vomit on his new uniform!

With no real choice in the matter, Harlan assessed the situation. He was smaller and lighter, but more quick and nimble. Perhaps he should start by sizing up his opponent's reflexes?

When Captain M'Rega gave his signal to engage, Recruit Stuart raced at Ketha with his staff held slightly off to his right and angled behind him. As he came up to the dragonness, he pivoted the staff with his hands so that the end that had been at his rear was swung around towards her left side. But he didn't apply full force, but held back a bit to see if she could block him, while his legs positioned him to leap back to avoid any counter-blow....

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