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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
The parts list on Shawn's tablet began to take form as he went back and forth across the array of shelves, noting which items would seem useful, how many were likely required, and where to find them on the supply shelves. There were also some items that he'd ended up adding to the list which weren't part of his original design, but he figured might end up useful during construction, mostly components that would be "bells and whistles" by the time the prototype was put together.

The squirrel hid the list on his screen and pulled up another program so as to put together a high-level design. It was nothing fancy, mostly boxes with labels on them indicating which components they represented. Arrowed lines were drawn between the various boxes to show the direction of such resources as power, coolant, and electronic commands. He didn't try to put a design of how the actual device would look in the end, because no doubt the final result wouldn't be pretty or small. While there was plenty of equipment and components to work with, there was no means present to manufacture smaller versions of them and reduce the overall size of the mobile air conditioner. That would likely come in future revisions of the device's design.

Shawn split the displays on his tablet, one showing the parts list, the other showing the working diagram of the mobile air conditioner. Giving them a cursory once-over again, he anxiously looked over towards Doctor Silver, took a deep breath before heading over.

"Doctor, I would like your review and approval on this, sir," he said as he stepped up to the desk, offering his tablet to the human. "It is a prototype design for development of a mobile air conditioning unit."
Nyght sighed to himself, nodding as he went to a relaxed position. "T-Thank You, Sir. I don't plan on making this a habit." He listened as he looked to the gear at the side of the tent as he pulled out his Tablet. While his mind was mostly tuned towards Hacking and Testing Defenses, He had to have ways to make tools if needed.

"Hmm..Basics. How many ways can a Computer network be compromised..." He mused to himself as he looked around at the materials before snapping his fingers. "Yes! Wireless Signals can be used to access a non-protected Access Point" He started sketching out a preliminary signal detector. His hands fast at work as he detailed the Circuitry needed, then he smiled to himself a bit. "Heh, why stop there... let's go the next step and add a jamming circuit to the device." He looked through the materials, like a kid in a candy store, picking out the parts he would need, antenna here, wiring there...breadboard to bring it all together.

He finished his Schematic, proud of the design.. simplistic in his mind, but functional. "Let's check this... Ok, in theory. Detect Signal "a" and its frequency. Send frequency to other board, Press button and generate jamming signal for only Signal "a." If all goes well, it would block the signal long enough to reset or change frequency of the Access Point" He smiled before walking up behind Gavyn to present his Schematic and Parts list to Dr. Silver
William looked at little confused at Silver's response as he had just presented his findings. He stood there for a moment before hearing part of Silver's request and nodding, stepping back into the parts room. Gathering the various pieces together, he does his best to return to Silver.

Stepping into line behind Nyght, he lightly sets down the various pipping and pump structure he found for the project and goes over his notes he had jotted down in his head. Much as before, he plan primarily focuses around building a long tube out of the pipping, with one end open. Adding a Potato from the open end thats sitting on a small guiding disk, and covering the other end in plastic wrap, his project would use the pump to slowly create a vaccum within the pipping. Once pressure has been maxed, he would use a trigger attached to a tack on a level at the open end of the pipe to pop the plastic wrap and hopefully send the potato flying.

Wiliam chuckled as he thought about agian. Sometimes he wonders where his mind was going.
Felix looked up from his sketchbook just as Silver finished his speech. Once again, he started to feel nervous at the thought of showing his idea. Looking down at his plans, Felix realized that his plan was starting to look more like a report. Next to his sketches was a written passage explaining his reasoning for this project. He mentally read this passage one last time.     
My plan is to create a wooden cane that would be suited for veterans or disabled military personnel. Most people upon hearing they need to use a cane are reluctant to do so. They tend to see it as a sign of weakness or old age. This cane is made to change that idea. 

The cane will feature an interchangeable handle and scalloped finger grips on the wooden shaft. Two handles will be made with this cane, a Derby handle and a handle with a hand-carved wolf design. The Derby handle offers less strain on the wrists and is more suited for long use. The wolf handle, while not suited for long use, is stylish and has a sophistication vibe that will promote more use during special events. 

The scalloped finger grips could be considered a non-lethal self-defense feature. The extra grip will help keep the cane from being snatched from the user’s hands while providing an uneven surface that can cause welts upon impact. This will be carved at the base of the handles and at the end of the cane. This feature would give the user the sense that the cane is a tool rather than a hindrance.        

Felix sighed as he stood up. He started to wonder if his idea was too simple. Looking at the line of recruits forming in front of Silver only further promoted that idea. A quick glance at  the parts the recruits were carrying to Sliver showed that they had more mechanical and better schemes planned.

As the line started to move, Felix lightly bit down on a finger on his left paw. The slight pain pulled his thoughts away from his negative thoughts. The wolf didn’t have the time to start doubting himself. With a quick breath, he started to gather the materials he would need for his build. Bolts, hanger bolts, a tool box, the Ohia dowel and some planks were slowly placed in front of Sliver’s table. Some of the items had to be carried one at the time since he was one handed. 

After a while, it was his turn to show his plans to the Doctor.

“D-Doctor Silver, here are my notes for my idea. If there are any problems, I am willing to start over.” said the wolf as he placed his plans on his desk and pointed to the pile of items he collected earlier.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
Razzle scratched his head as he looked at the stacks of supplies that sat before him.

"What can I make out of this?" he thought to himself.

As Razzle looked around, something on the bottom shelf caught his attention. He got down on his paws and knees to see what it was. When he got to the back of the shelf, he was disappointed to see that it was only a piece of quartz that was reflecting a small beam of sunlight that was coming into the tent.

Unfortunately when he went to stand back up, Razzle had not fully cleared the shelf and he smashed his head into the shelf above. Not only did his head hurt from hitting  the shelf, but other items from the shelf above hit him in the back. As he began to see stars, an idea came to him.

"I know," he said. "Why don't I create some type of a telescope that we can use to look for anyone who tries to attack us? The first step will be to build a physical telescope that we can hold and use. Once I get that to work, I should be able to use some of this other stuff to find a way to interface this to our computer system. Then we can keep an eye on our surroundings all the time. We could even possibly develop this more!"

"But one thing at a time," Razzle said. "Let me get started on the plans for a simple telescope and then start looking at how to make this more complicated."

As Razzle started sketching out his idea he began to think to himself, "I hope this will be acceptable. Maybe it won't be seen as too simple."
Silver got a ping through his tablet and carefully read the message. "Alright people, Take your notes back to your tents. I want to see prototypes tomorrow at noon. Shawn and Code please stay after, everyone packs. I have a few things to discuss with the two of you. The rest of you are dismissed."

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