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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
The ring of Amos' alarm clock spread through the tent as the clock struck seven fifty five AM. With a groan, Amos' eyes shot open, bloodshot, rage firing their new energy. Grumbling quietly, he rolled over grabbing the clock by the top, and holding the bells tightly so they could no longer ring. The force of which shook the table, his glasses and the picture of his family shaking for only a second on the table. Making sure to examine the clock well, he ensured there was no mistake with the time on the clock. That it went off exactly at the right time. Upon seeing his clock remained honest and truthful as always, much to his despair and happiness, he sighed heavily. Rolling over, he continued to hold the clock tightly. After three or so minutes had passed. He slid his feet off the bed, and onto the tent floor. Then, turning off the alarm on the clock, he set it back down on the table. Getting up, he stretched a little and got ready for the morning. Brushing his teeth, combing and fixing his hair, trimming his grey beard and eventually changing into his new uniform. 

Taking out a small box that fit in his pockets easily enough, and a book labeled Life: A Natural History of the First Four Billion years of Life on Earth, By Richard Fortey out of his suitcase, he walked out of the tent. Squinting his eyes as the sun rose high in the sky. Fixing his glasses, he began to slowly stroll through the camp, looking for the mess hall. Following the signs after a brisk walk, he arrived. Standing in line for a short while, he had acquired a relatively balanced meal, though he had quite a bit on his plate. One of at least everything in fact. Scrambled eggs, several pieces of bacon, an orange and a banana, some orange juice and two pancakes and a crepe. Sitting down he opened his book to find a note from his wife, and one from each of his children. Reading the notes, Amos smiled and wiped a tiny tear from his cheek. Pocketing the notes and then wrapping his napkin around his neck he continued on to eat his food, reading his book quietlyTaking his time as the hour passed before nine. Though admittedly he hadn't had such a down to earth meal in years. Once he took the small box out of his pocket. He opened it and taking out several pills from slots marked with the day of the week, he downed his pills with what was left of the orange juice. Making sure to take his plate to where the other dirty plates were.

After this, he checked his watch. With few minutes to spare. Amos' pocketed his book in his coat. Then quickly made his way to the R&D tent. Walking in, he looked around seeing Silver sitting at the head of the tent. Smiling, he saluted.
"Good morning sir." Then walking to a table that was close to the front, near to where Silver was sitting. He took a seat. Rubbing his nose and wiggling his mustache, he looked around. Surprised he had arrived first. After sitting for a moment he smiled and looked up at Silver 
" Did you have a good morning sir?" Amos asked, eager to talk.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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