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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
William's restful sleep was broken sharply by the buzzing of his personal tablet, as it rang for the morning alarm. Groaning, the grey fox slowly gets up with a yawn and picks up the two end scrolls. Sliding it open, he dismisses the alarm before pressing the button to pop it back close, and begins to clean and dress for the day.

After taking a brief shower, and freshing up as best he can, William slides himself into his uniform. Sliding on his pants first, he does his best to snap it together without snagging his tail, and makes sure it fits. His pants together he dressing in his uniform coat and smiles, as he admires how well it fits.

"It seems the spider that is rumored to be in employ by the overlord is the best around..." he says to himself as he begins to pocket his tablet in his front pocket when it suddenly shakes. Raising a brow, he pulls it open to find the image of his mother appearing on the glass.

"Why good morning!" William says with a confident smile, happy to hear from them.
"And a good morning to you son...oh my you must have been accepted then from the look at your coat." His mom says with a beaming smile.
William Chuckles in response "Why yes I did. I was just getting together to go in for the first day of training is all." he says.
"Well I hope you have a good day, and know that were rooting for ya" she says with a smile.
"Thanks, anyway, I probably should get going, I'll try to call you back when I have a break."
"Alrighty, have a good day" she says, before the feed cuts off.

The call ended, William sighs with a spry smile and pressing the release button, pops his tablet back closed, before storing it into what he thinks is the primary coat pocket. Finishing up, William gets a light breakfast from the mess hall before hurring over to the R&D tent. Saluting to the guard out front, he casually walks in and finds himself a seat near the front, awaiting to see what this first day of training is to entail.

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