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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
A series of short vibrations woke Felix from his slumber. The night before he had set the alarm on his tablet to vibration mode and tucked it under his pillow. Upon hearing the sleeping arrangements, Felix made sure to take the extra step not to wake up anyone as he usually needed more time in the morning to get ready because of his paralyzed arm. As Felix pulled the vibrating tablet from under his pillow, the bright light of the screen momentarily blinded him as he hit the snooze button. His tablet had the time five am across the screen as he adjusted the screen brightness to a lower setting. Felix groaned and laid back on his bed holding the tablet to his chest. While staring up at the ceiling of the tent, Felix replayed yesterday's events in his mind. His most vivid memory was waiting in the line in front of the registrar's tent and before he knew it he met his commanding officers, got his uniform and found his cot in a large tent with the other recruits. He was surprised that everything went so smoothly, he half expected his acceptance letter to be a mistake and he would've had to convince them to let him stay. Yet, they asked him a few minor questions and assigned him to R&D without paying much attention to his right arm. After a few minutes of thinking, Felix slid off his cot and began his morning routine. In about an hour, he was in his new uniform, had his tools packed up and his right arm in his black sling. Taking a moment to eat a quick snack and brush his fur, he walked towards the exit of the tent.

The day was still young as Felix emerged from his tent. The first signs of dawn was starting to show as he noticed some light movement from other recruits around the camp.

"I guess I'm not the only one starting the day early." Felix muttered to himself as he walked closer to the beach.

Felix walked to the area where he and the other recruits were dropped off by the ferry. He then sat down on the sand and took out his sketchbook. He wanted to get a another sketch in before he had to report to the R&D tent. Setting up his arm and tools, he began to work. As reporting time drew near, Felix stopped his sketching and began walking towards the R&D tent. Upon entering tent, he saw Silver, a grey fox and an older gentlemen inside the tent. Taking a awkward pause, Felix saluted with the only arm he could towards Silver.

"Good morning Sir."

Felix then walked to the front of the tent, taking a seat near the other two recruits. He was starting to feel a bit nervous as he waited for the rest of the recruits to show up.
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