Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
A series of soft buzzes began to come out of the tablet next to the red panda's cot but he failed to move. As the minutes ticked by, the buzzes began to become louder and more frequent. Finally, the buzzes reached such an annoying tone that Razzle moved his paw to silence the alarm.

Razzle yawned and stretched. He had to blink his eyes a few times to adjust to the bright sunlight.

"Uggghhh," he thought to himself.  "What time is it anyway?"

He looked at the time on his tablet and saw that it was almost 8:30 in the morning.

"Oh no!" he thought to himself. "I almost overslept! I only have about ten minutes to get up, get ready and get to the dining room for breakfast!"

Razzle then through off the blanket he was sleeping under and quickly brushed his fur and got dressed. Just before leaving the tent, he straightened the blanket and then took off running.

"This is just great!" he thought to himself. "I can't be late. Especially on the first day here!"

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