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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Shawn had been restless during the previous evening. The tassel-eared squirrel always had a bad habit of staying up late before a big event the next day, and last night was no exception. His mind had a bad habit of racing through all the possibilities of what might happen the next day, a mix of anxiousness and excitement. Eventually, his mind had become as tired as his body and he'd given himself over to sleep after midnight.

When he finally did wake, he didn't find anyone else in the barracks with him. Curious, he checked his watch. He felt his stomach drop as he read 8:45 on the display.

"Frak me!" He flung the covers off and threw himself out of his bunk. It took him a few moments for him to calm his rising panic before his brain finally began to triage what was most needed before he reported to the R&D tent. The rest he'd have to do without for now.

He grabbed his violet uniform off the nearby table, dressed quickly, and put on his glasses. He took a second to gauge how the uniform felt on him, finding it light and comfortable yet not too loose. Glancing at his watch again, he saw there was only a few minutes before he had to head directly to the R&D tent. He quickly ran a brush over himself, and checked his appearance in a mirror. He figured it was enough to look presentable. He would've much preferred to look sharper for his first day, but being on time seemed a more important objective at the moment.

Grabbing his tablet bag, he headed towards the exit, knowing full well he was leaving his bunk unmade as he left. He hoped no one would notice before he had a chance to return.

As Shawn walked swiftly across the training grounds towards the research tent, trying not to look like he was in a rush, he caught the scents of food wafting nearby from the mess area. His stomach grumbled at him, as if it was angrily scolding him for sleeping in so much and not affording enough time for breakfast. He grumbled in response, knowing full well it was his own fault, but he also couldn't afford to dwell on it. He kept pushing forward until he reached the tent and peeked inside.

He saw a few figures inside and slipped into the closest seat nearby so as not to draw attention to himself as he caught his breath as subtly as possible.

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