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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Edric grumbled quietly and sat up without opening his eyes, flexing his paws a few times to simultaneously pop the joints and stretch the muscles that extend his claws.

"Mornin folks. You guys sleep as good as I did?" he mumbled quietly. His ears flicked around, tracking the sounds of the island and bustle of the camp but notably missing any hint of movement or sound in the tent with him. Edric opened his eyes slowly as what felt like a chunk of ice slowly settled into the bottom of his stomach, scanning the room.

"Oh you -MORON-!" Edric hissed to himself as he scrambled for his uniform pants and boots, knocking his bedding to the floor as he dressed himself in what could only be described as a barely controlled seizure. Still missing one boot, he very quickly replaced his blanket and pillow on the bed and turned, skipping out of the entrance to the tent while pulling on his second boot.

Edric was still mumbling to himself as he made it to the R&D tent, fastening the last button into what he hoped was the right place as he stepped in the door. He thought to himself that if he slept through everyone else leaving the tent, he had to be late, there was no way he could not have been. That thought involuntarily drew his lips into a thin line and laid his ears back for a moment before forcing himself to a neutral expression. "Control yourself. You are a leopard, salvage what dignity you can." he thought to himself.

Edric stepped to the side to clear the doorway and faced forwards, placing his hands behind his back as he would pacing in his lab at home and waited for a lul in conversation before announcing clearly in Silver`s direction: "Sir? Edric Tolan, reporting."

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