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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Amos looked around as Silver noticed the lack of recruits in the tent. Raising an eyebrow at the event.

"Who would have guessed?" He thought, though he simply assumed it was their first day. Getting used to a schedule can be difficult after a long period of not having one. He should know. Sitting quietly, his posture stiff and alert. He listened as one of the recruits who had arrived on time speak about what passions and interests brought him here. While noticing several recruits file in quietly. Once the recruit had finished his reasons for being here, which Amos found rather interesting given the recruit had a talent for explosives, or a lack thereof perhaps. He looked around too see if anyone else would begin, and then quietly raised his hand as he spoke.

"Hello everyone, my name is Amos." He said, putting his hand down, now that everyone knew he was talking.

"I came here because I primarily am looking to do what I can for others in the Overlords forces through psychology and and therapy. Given it is my main field of study, and has been my life's work for many years. If at all possible, I also wish to expand my purview of the medical world, and medical science in general. I want to keep moving and learning, and I felt the best way to do that was to enlist here." He said calmly, explaining this to everyone. Now finished he smiled.

"Thank you"
"What would you do for a better world?"

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