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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
After Amos had finished speaking, Razzle looked around to see if anyone else wanted to speak next. Razzle was not known for being any type of public speaker. He wanted to answer the question, but he was sort of waiting to see if someone else would speak first.

After no one else spoke for a while, Razzle finally raised his paw.

"I guess I came here because I've always had an interest in seeing how things work. I have been known to take things apart just to see how they worked. Sometimes I could get it back together and sometimes I couldn't.

"By being a part of the Overlord's R & D, not only can I get to see how things work, but I might get a chance to actually design and build things that will be useful to everyone here."

Razzle took a moment to collect his thoughts to see if there was anything else he wanted to say. After thinking for a moment, he decided that he would stop there before he said too much.

"I'm glad that's over with", he thought to himself. "Maybe with some practice, I might one day feel more comfortable with speaking to a group."

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