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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Felix was studying Silver while he was fumbling through his notes. He was always fascinated by humans, he didn't see many of them on his island, much less one he could get close to. He couldn't help but think of the ways to best capture his form and color on paper. 

During his artistic thinking, he almost missed Silver's question as the other recruits started to answer. He took a deep breath as his turn drew near. He was still afraid of saying anything that could get him kicked out. There was a slight pause after the last recruit spoke and he knew it was his turn to speak. 

Felix cleared his throat as he began. 

"I want to specialize in physical therapy and research new medical techniques or equipment that can help people who are disabled or recovering from trauma. I want to help people with the skills I have and I believe applying here will help me achieve that." He hoped what he said sounded fine as he finished his statement. 

Felix looked behind him to noticed there were a few more recruits that came into the tent. 

"Great, they heard me say that." He grimly thought as his tail gave a small twitched of fear.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
After Amos had finished speaking, Razzle looked around to see if anyone else wanted to speak next. Razzle was not known for being any type of public speaker. He wanted to answer the question, but he was sort of waiting to see if someone else would speak first.

After no one else spoke for a while, Razzle finally raised his paw.

"I guess I came here because I've always had an interest in seeing how things work. I have been known to take things apart just to see how they worked. Sometimes I could get it back together and sometimes I couldn't.

"By being a part of the Overlord's R & D, not only can I get to see how things work, but I might get a chance to actually design and build things that will be useful to everyone here."

Razzle took a moment to collect his thoughts to see if there was anything else he wanted to say. After thinking for a moment, he decided that he would stop there before he said too much.

"I'm glad that's over with", he thought to himself. "Maybe with some practice, I might one day feel more comfortable with speaking to a group."
Silver smiled at each response in turn and noted with some amusement the nervousness of the recruits. "Guys, I'm not going to bite your heads off." He leaned in with a bit more amusement eying the ones that spoke up. "It's because I'm human, isn't it?" He chuckled and finally seemed to have his notes in order. "Happy to hear such enthusiasm by the way, anyway I will formally introduce myself. I am Doctor Garret Silver of her Majesty's Medical wing, I specialize in trauma surgery and chemistry. Saying that, Research and Development also covers innovation and invention."

Silver got up from his desk and moved to the back of the tent where a tarp had been put up. He carefully pulled it down and displayed what lay beyond for the recruits to see. Before them were several tool boxes, shelves and shelves of parts and several spools of wire. "You have two days to present a finished item for me to evaluate, it could be as simple as a sculpture or as complex as a coffee maker. I am testing you on your creativity for this exercise. I would like your plans for what you wish to make by lunchtime and we'll go from there. For now, look through the tools and supplies, and get a feel for what you can make with what's available."
William looked upon the parts and tools in front of him with a bit of curiosity. While this was a task more for the mechanically inclined, the grey fox did think he was very much up to the task, and taking out a piece of paper, started to think on what sort of project to make. As he started to scribble stuff on his paper, he tried his best to think what would be functional with whats available, if a bit silly.

Walking over to the various parts shelves, he began looking at the various cylinders and tanks available and what there was for pressure meters and vacuum apparatus, and began writing down the likely parts on the paper. Completing the list, he smiles and chuckles and begins sketching out his design plans, to which a person who was looking at it would see a long tube affixed to a cylindrical tank base bolted to feet for the base. Out from the top of it are little arrows that point to a odd shape with spots.

Chuckiling as he finishes the sketch, William walked over to Silver. "I have my plan ready Sir" he says with a wag and a smile. "Though I realize I may need to substitute the potato with something else, unless I can borrow one from the kitchen" he says with a grin, as he presents his design for a Vacuum powered potato launcher.
Once Silver finished speaking, some of the recruits made their way to the back of the tent.

"A build challenge? It would make sense to test us using that method and building stuff is definitely in my skill range." Felix thought, his tail starting to pick up with excitement at the idea of making something. He stood up and walked toward the back of the tent with the rest of the group.

While going through the list of objects, Felix was making a mental list of what he could make with the time available. Going through the supplies, Felix noticed that the supplies varied mostly between metal or wood.

"The question is what to build. Any metal work is going to require either heavy machinery or time I don't have. Which means wood is going to be my main material." Felix thought. He wanted to make something he knew he can finish with only one arm and yet reflect what he just said a few minutes ago.

Looking again at the supplies for wood, he noticed a stack of lumber and dowels at the very end of the tent. Kneeling down in front of pile, Felix looked to see what type of wood he would working with. The woodpile was mostly made of tropical hardwood that can be used for most constructions or furniture projects. He also noticed a few pieces of softwood mixed in, probably either by mistake or for wood carving. Among the pile, Felix noticed a somewhat reddish brown dowel that stood out from the rest of the pile. It was about the size of a yardstick and pretty thick. Upon closer inspection, he realized the dowel was made out of ohia wood.

"What a nice find!" Felix thought with excitement as he held the dowel in his left hand. " I don't see any cracks and the ohia wood is pretty strong, this would make a sturdy cane."

Felix then smiled as an idea popped into his head and started to walk back to his seat with the dowel. Putting the ohia dowel next to his chair, he pulled out his small sketchbook from his pocket and placed it on the stand in front of his sling. He started to sketch and write down his idea.

"This could work. A simple but elegant design and very doable in two days." Felix said to himself softly as he started to work on his plans.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
As Silver revealed the items the recruits would have to work with. Amos rubbed his chin thoughtfully, he would have to think hard about this task. 
"Hm, I don't have the technical hands on knowledge like my fellow recruits. Hmm, how will I do this..."He thought for a moment as different options ran through his head. 
"Oh wait, i'm an idiot"  he said muttering under his breath, snapping his fingers in tandem, meaning it jokingly of course. 
"I used to be a carpenter before I became solely a psychiatrist, i'll make something out of wood then. Now, what could I make?" He took a pen in his pocket, and quickly began jotting notes down on the paper in front of him. Looking at the paper after writing, he thought about what he had written down. The list had four ideas he had thought about, which he would try to use to show his creativity and innovation in these tests. The items on the list were: A wooden ball car, a wooden prosthetic limb, a small wooden air motor, and a small wooden mannequin showing off the anatomy of the body. Of the items on the list, the first two had been scribbled out, given he didn't think they would be practical or possible to accomplish within the two days he had to make the item. Nor did he even really understand how to build them. He wasn't an engineer after all. 
"Hm, now I could make the mannequin which would match my profession a little better, but the motor is a little more creative." He stroked his beard as he thought, but eventually decided that he would go with neither, he did not believe he had the technical experience to know or understand the workings of an air engine, and he felt the mannequin was not displaying enough innovation.
"Okay, i've brainstormed and gotten the muck out of the way, now I should be able to come up with the good stuff. Let's just remember to think a little smaller." He thought quietly as he thought about what to make. After thinking for a while. He decided he would make a wooden sculpture of the brain, complete with a chart of what lobes did what in the brain. He had considered making a wooden model of one of the ancient creatures who once wandered the islands long ago. Using his paleontology book as a guide, though he was going to ask Silver for help on that, and if it would be a good idea. Finishing the plans for the brain, after a sketch and some notes. He walked up to Silver, and waited behind the other recruit. Amos held his plan in his hands, ready to present as soon as the other finished presenting theirs.
"What would you do for a better world?"
After taking his seat near the entrance of the tent, Shawn was relieved that his skirting of the start time was either not noticed or not called out by anyone. He had arrived as others near the front appeared to be introducing themselves to the human at the front. He recognized him from his intake interview the previous day. A lull in the conversation had allowed Doctor Silver to introduce himself before pulling the tarp away and revealing the stockpile of components and equipment.

Shawn couldn't prevent his ears from perking up and his eyes from widening at the display. He was familiar enough with a few of the parts and components present on the shelves, but he was impressed by the wide array of what was at their disposal. Upon hearing that it was up to them on how to utilize the materiel, he absently felt himself stand from his chair and start moving for the shelves, as if drawn towards them like a siren from the sea calling an absentminded sailor into its clutches.

While others in the tent had begun sketching out drawings on their notepads or tablets, Shawn glanced over the shelves and brainstormed over what would be something worth building. Whatever it was, he wanted it to be useful and practical, even if it wasn't necessarily flashy. As he tossed about several ideas of what to build in his head, a slight breeze wafted through the tent, providing a welcome coolness against the tropical heat. It wasn't as nice as air conditioning–

His ears twitched as something clicked in his mind. An air conditioner would be useful and practical in a place like this. Looking across the array of parts, he considered what was available to him versus the checklist for basic components in an air conditioner. It would need two coils, one each for condensing and cooling, a compressor of some kind, a motor for a fan and blower, a sensor for a thermostat, a power supply, refrigerant, and an electronic controller to handle operation of the unit. As he ran through the list, he wasn't entirely sure that the necessary parts were here, but they might be able to jury-rig something to substitute them. If they weren't able to make it work, he supposed it could potentially serve as a prototype model that could be built with proper parts later on. He had no doubt that this could definitely have practical, and pleasant, applications as time went on.

Pulling out his tablet from his bag, he began to type up a list of required parts and put together a rough schematic of how those components would fit into in the overall design of the device.
Nyght slowly woke from the cot he had picked for himself. It had been a fitful sleep as it wasn't like the bed at home, so when he finally passed out, he was out. It was only after hearing the alarm on his personal pad screeching its head off for what felt like an eternity did he finally open his eyes.

Time froze as his eyes locked on the readout. "9:05??!?! Holy HellFire!! I'm Late for my first day!!" He gathered his uniform and put it on quickly all the while checking it for accuracy before dashing out of the tent like a blur as he raced to the R&D Tent. He thought he was in the clear with only having to explain he overslept until he tripped over his own feet and went tumbling into the tent. At least his training from martial arts kicked in as he took the fall into a forward tumble and sprung back to his feet in a ready stance before snapping to attention, facing Dr. Silver. "S...Sir! Apologies for my late arrival!"
Silver looked up from his mess of papers and smiled at the black panther. "Be thankful I'm not the other two, just don't make it a habit alright?" He turned to the group again as some of them had started writing down their ideas. "When you have what you feel is a solid idea, please bring your notes to me for preliminary approval. I'd also like to see the parts you are working with, for curiosity's sake."

He leaned back a little in his seat. So far this was turning out to be a simple straightforward first day. He couldn't help but wonder how everyone else was doing with their respective group. "IF you'd rather brave your project without primary approval I don't mind being surprised. Though I will take pause with being handed a nuclear reactor. I hope I haven't made anyone dislike me that much on the first day though." He set his notes back in order placing them on a part of his desk that hopefully he wouldn't knock them over again.
"Hm" Amos thought 

"I wonder what penalties the other two camp commanders would have decided upon if the Panther had appeared late to their classes." He shrugged

"Well, hopefully no one else has been late to their classes. Laps or the like wouldn't be terribly pleasant, especially on your first day. I know I wouldn't last long, given the kind of shape I am in." Looking around, Amos began inspected the various charts and other things in the room as he thought. He felt good about this. 

"I haven't done this in so long, it's nice to learn and train again. It's been at least... fifteen years since I was in school? A decade? I can't remember anymore. Though, I suppose this isn't exactly like school. Then there's the fact I'm traveling to different islands and seeing new things. It's like i'm 20 all over again." His thoughts wandered as he waited in line, thinking about various things he's done in the past. Places he went that reminded him of this experience. Till his thoughts brought him back to the matters at hand. 

"I wonder, do I need to write a lab report for this project before presenting it? It's such a simple project I doubt I will have too. There's no hypothesis to be tested other than can I make the item? I'll ask Dr. Silver when I speak with him. Best to have the proper understanding of procedure before going forward." Looking down at the things he wrote. He still wasn't sure between the two. There was the wooden sculpture of the brain, which would show how it functioned and so on. Then there was the wooden model of the ancient creature. Though he wasn't sure which to do, he would ask Silver when he had his time to talk with him.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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