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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Silver smiled at each response in turn and noted with some amusement the nervousness of the recruits. "Guys, I'm not going to bite your heads off." He leaned in with a bit more amusement eying the ones that spoke up. "It's because I'm human, isn't it?" He chuckled and finally seemed to have his notes in order. "Happy to hear such enthusiasm by the way, anyway I will formally introduce myself. I am Doctor Garret Silver of her Majesty's Medical wing, I specialize in trauma surgery and chemistry. Saying that, Research and Development also covers innovation and invention."

Silver got up from his desk and moved to the back of the tent where a tarp had been put up. He carefully pulled it down and displayed what lay beyond for the recruits to see. Before them were several tool boxes, shelves and shelves of parts and several spools of wire. "You have two days to present a finished item for me to evaluate, it could be as simple as a sculpture or as complex as a coffee maker. I am testing you on your creativity for this exercise. I would like your plans for what you wish to make by lunchtime and we'll go from there. For now, look through the tools and supplies, and get a feel for what you can make with what's available."

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