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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
William looked upon the parts and tools in front of him with a bit of curiosity. While this was a task more for the mechanically inclined, the grey fox did think he was very much up to the task, and taking out a piece of paper, started to think on what sort of project to make. As he started to scribble stuff on his paper, he tried his best to think what would be functional with whats available, if a bit silly.

Walking over to the various parts shelves, he began looking at the various cylinders and tanks available and what there was for pressure meters and vacuum apparatus, and began writing down the likely parts on the paper. Completing the list, he smiles and chuckles and begins sketching out his design plans, to which a person who was looking at it would see a long tube affixed to a cylindrical tank base bolted to feet for the base. Out from the top of it are little arrows that point to a odd shape with spots.

Chuckiling as he finishes the sketch, William walked over to Silver. "I have my plan ready Sir" he says with a wag and a smile. "Though I realize I may need to substitute the potato with something else, unless I can borrow one from the kitchen" he says with a grin, as he presents his design for a Vacuum powered potato launcher.

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