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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Once Silver finished speaking, some of the recruits made their way to the back of the tent.

"A build challenge? It would make sense to test us using that method and building stuff is definitely in my skill range." Felix thought, his tail starting to pick up with excitement at the idea of making something. He stood up and walked toward the back of the tent with the rest of the group.

While going through the list of objects, Felix was making a mental list of what he could make with the time available. Going through the supplies, Felix noticed that the supplies varied mostly between metal or wood.

"The question is what to build. Any metal work is going to require either heavy machinery or time I don't have. Which means wood is going to be my main material." Felix thought. He wanted to make something he knew he can finish with only one arm and yet reflect what he just said a few minutes ago.

Looking again at the supplies for wood, he noticed a stack of lumber and dowels at the very end of the tent. Kneeling down in front of pile, Felix looked to see what type of wood he would working with. The woodpile was mostly made of tropical hardwood that can be used for most constructions or furniture projects. He also noticed a few pieces of softwood mixed in, probably either by mistake or for wood carving. Among the pile, Felix noticed a somewhat reddish brown dowel that stood out from the rest of the pile. It was about the size of a yardstick and pretty thick. Upon closer inspection, he realized the dowel was made out of ohia wood.

"What a nice find!" Felix thought with excitement as he held the dowel in his left hand. " I don't see any cracks and the ohia wood is pretty strong, this would make a sturdy cane."

Felix then smiled as an idea popped into his head and started to walk back to his seat with the dowel. Putting the ohia dowel next to his chair, he pulled out his small sketchbook from his pocket and placed it on the stand in front of his sling. He started to sketch and write down his idea.

"This could work. A simple but elegant design and very doable in two days." Felix said to himself softly as he started to work on his plans.
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