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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
As Silver revealed the items the recruits would have to work with. Amos rubbed his chin thoughtfully, he would have to think hard about this task. 
"Hm, I don't have the technical hands on knowledge like my fellow recruits. Hmm, how will I do this..."He thought for a moment as different options ran through his head. 
"Oh wait, i'm an idiot"  he said muttering under his breath, snapping his fingers in tandem, meaning it jokingly of course. 
"I used to be a carpenter before I became solely a psychiatrist, i'll make something out of wood then. Now, what could I make?" He took a pen in his pocket, and quickly began jotting notes down on the paper in front of him. Looking at the paper after writing, he thought about what he had written down. The list had four ideas he had thought about, which he would try to use to show his creativity and innovation in these tests. The items on the list were: A wooden ball car, a wooden prosthetic limb, a small wooden air motor, and a small wooden mannequin showing off the anatomy of the body. Of the items on the list, the first two had been scribbled out, given he didn't think they would be practical or possible to accomplish within the two days he had to make the item. Nor did he even really understand how to build them. He wasn't an engineer after all. 
"Hm, now I could make the mannequin which would match my profession a little better, but the motor is a little more creative." He stroked his beard as he thought, but eventually decided that he would go with neither, he did not believe he had the technical experience to know or understand the workings of an air engine, and he felt the mannequin was not displaying enough innovation.
"Okay, i've brainstormed and gotten the muck out of the way, now I should be able to come up with the good stuff. Let's just remember to think a little smaller." He thought quietly as he thought about what to make. After thinking for a while. He decided he would make a wooden sculpture of the brain, complete with a chart of what lobes did what in the brain. He had considered making a wooden model of one of the ancient creatures who once wandered the islands long ago. Using his paleontology book as a guide, though he was going to ask Silver for help on that, and if it would be a good idea. Finishing the plans for the brain, after a sketch and some notes. He walked up to Silver, and waited behind the other recruit. Amos held his plan in his hands, ready to present as soon as the other finished presenting theirs.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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