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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
After taking his seat near the entrance of the tent, Shawn was relieved that his skirting of the start time was either not noticed or not called out by anyone. He had arrived as others near the front appeared to be introducing themselves to the human at the front. He recognized him from his intake interview the previous day. A lull in the conversation had allowed Doctor Silver to introduce himself before pulling the tarp away and revealing the stockpile of components and equipment.

Shawn couldn't prevent his ears from perking up and his eyes from widening at the display. He was familiar enough with a few of the parts and components present on the shelves, but he was impressed by the wide array of what was at their disposal. Upon hearing that it was up to them on how to utilize the materiel, he absently felt himself stand from his chair and start moving for the shelves, as if drawn towards them like a siren from the sea calling an absentminded sailor into its clutches.

While others in the tent had begun sketching out drawings on their notepads or tablets, Shawn glanced over the shelves and brainstormed over what would be something worth building. Whatever it was, he wanted it to be useful and practical, even if it wasn't necessarily flashy. As he tossed about several ideas of what to build in his head, a slight breeze wafted through the tent, providing a welcome coolness against the tropical heat. It wasn't as nice as air conditioning–

His ears twitched as something clicked in his mind. An air conditioner would be useful and practical in a place like this. Looking across the array of parts, he considered what was available to him versus the checklist for basic components in an air conditioner. It would need two coils, one each for condensing and cooling, a compressor of some kind, a motor for a fan and blower, a sensor for a thermostat, a power supply, refrigerant, and an electronic controller to handle operation of the unit. As he ran through the list, he wasn't entirely sure that the necessary parts were here, but they might be able to jury-rig something to substitute them. If they weren't able to make it work, he supposed it could potentially serve as a prototype model that could be built with proper parts later on. He had no doubt that this could definitely have practical, and pleasant, applications as time went on.

Pulling out his tablet from his bag, he began to type up a list of required parts and put together a rough schematic of how those components would fit into in the overall design of the device.

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