Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Nyght slowly woke from the cot he had picked for himself. It had been a fitful sleep as it wasn't like the bed at home, so when he finally passed out, he was out. It was only after hearing the alarm on his personal pad screeching its head off for what felt like an eternity did he finally open his eyes.

Time froze as his eyes locked on the readout. "9:05??!?! Holy HellFire!! I'm Late for my first day!!" He gathered his uniform and put it on quickly all the while checking it for accuracy before dashing out of the tent like a blur as he raced to the R&D Tent. He thought he was in the clear with only having to explain he overslept until he tripped over his own feet and went tumbling into the tent. At least his training from martial arts kicked in as he took the fall into a forward tumble and sprung back to his feet in a ready stance before snapping to attention, facing Dr. Silver. "S...Sir! Apologies for my late arrival!"

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