Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Silver looked up from his mess of papers and smiled at the black panther. "Be thankful I'm not the other two, just don't make it a habit alright?" He turned to the group again as some of them had started writing down their ideas. "When you have what you feel is a solid idea, please bring your notes to me for preliminary approval. I'd also like to see the parts you are working with, for curiosity's sake."

He leaned back a little in his seat. So far this was turning out to be a simple straightforward first day. He couldn't help but wonder how everyone else was doing with their respective group. "IF you'd rather brave your project without primary approval I don't mind being surprised. Though I will take pause with being handed a nuclear reactor. I hope I haven't made anyone dislike me that much on the first day though." He set his notes back in order placing them on a part of his desk that hopefully he wouldn't knock them over again.

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