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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
"Hm" Amos thought 

"I wonder what penalties the other two camp commanders would have decided upon if the Panther had appeared late to their classes." He shrugged

"Well, hopefully no one else has been late to their classes. Laps or the like wouldn't be terribly pleasant, especially on your first day. I know I wouldn't last long, given the kind of shape I am in." Looking around, Amos began inspected the various charts and other things in the room as he thought. He felt good about this. 

"I haven't done this in so long, it's nice to learn and train again. It's been at least... fifteen years since I was in school? A decade? I can't remember anymore. Though, I suppose this isn't exactly like school. Then there's the fact I'm traveling to different islands and seeing new things. It's like i'm 20 all over again." His thoughts wandered as he waited in line, thinking about various things he's done in the past. Places he went that reminded him of this experience. Till his thoughts brought him back to the matters at hand. 

"I wonder, do I need to write a lab report for this project before presenting it? It's such a simple project I doubt I will have too. There's no hypothesis to be tested other than can I make the item? I'll ask Dr. Silver when I speak with him. Best to have the proper understanding of procedure before going forward." Looking down at the things he wrote. He still wasn't sure between the two. There was the wooden sculpture of the brain, which would show how it functioned and so on. Then there was the wooden model of the ancient creature. Though he wasn't sure which to do, he would ask Silver when he had his time to talk with him.
"What would you do for a better world?"

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