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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
The parts list on Shawn's tablet began to take form as he went back and forth across the array of shelves, noting which items would seem useful, how many were likely required, and where to find them on the supply shelves. There were also some items that he'd ended up adding to the list which weren't part of his original design, but he figured might end up useful during construction, mostly components that would be "bells and whistles" by the time the prototype was put together.

The squirrel hid the list on his screen and pulled up another program so as to put together a high-level design. It was nothing fancy, mostly boxes with labels on them indicating which components they represented. Arrowed lines were drawn between the various boxes to show the direction of such resources as power, coolant, and electronic commands. He didn't try to put a design of how the actual device would look in the end, because no doubt the final result wouldn't be pretty or small. While there was plenty of equipment and components to work with, there was no means present to manufacture smaller versions of them and reduce the overall size of the mobile air conditioner. That would likely come in future revisions of the device's design.

Shawn split the displays on his tablet, one showing the parts list, the other showing the working diagram of the mobile air conditioner. Giving them a cursory once-over again, he anxiously looked over towards Doctor Silver, took a deep breath before heading over.

"Doctor, I would like your review and approval on this, sir," he said as he stepped up to the desk, offering his tablet to the human. "It is a prototype design for development of a mobile air conditioning unit."

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