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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Nyght sighed to himself, nodding as he went to a relaxed position. "T-Thank You, Sir. I don't plan on making this a habit." He listened as he looked to the gear at the side of the tent as he pulled out his Tablet. While his mind was mostly tuned towards Hacking and Testing Defenses, He had to have ways to make tools if needed.

"Hmm..Basics. How many ways can a Computer network be compromised..." He mused to himself as he looked around at the materials before snapping his fingers. "Yes! Wireless Signals can be used to access a non-protected Access Point" He started sketching out a preliminary signal detector. His hands fast at work as he detailed the Circuitry needed, then he smiled to himself a bit. "Heh, why stop there... let's go the next step and add a jamming circuit to the device." He looked through the materials, like a kid in a candy store, picking out the parts he would need, antenna here, wiring there...breadboard to bring it all together.

He finished his Schematic, proud of the design.. simplistic in his mind, but functional. "Let's check this... Ok, in theory. Detect Signal "a" and its frequency. Send frequency to other board, Press button and generate jamming signal for only Signal "a." If all goes well, it would block the signal long enough to reset or change frequency of the Access Point" He smiled before walking up behind Gavyn to present his Schematic and Parts list to Dr. Silver

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