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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
William looked at little confused at Silver's response as he had just presented his findings. He stood there for a moment before hearing part of Silver's request and nodding, stepping back into the parts room. Gathering the various pieces together, he does his best to return to Silver.

Stepping into line behind Nyght, he lightly sets down the various pipping and pump structure he found for the project and goes over his notes he had jotted down in his head. Much as before, he plan primarily focuses around building a long tube out of the pipping, with one end open. Adding a Potato from the open end thats sitting on a small guiding disk, and covering the other end in plastic wrap, his project would use the pump to slowly create a vaccum within the pipping. Once pressure has been maxed, he would use a trigger attached to a tack on a level at the open end of the pipe to pop the plastic wrap and hopefully send the potato flying.

Wiliam chuckled as he thought about agian. Sometimes he wonders where his mind was going.

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