Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 R&D Department.
Razzle scratched his head as he looked at the stacks of supplies that sat before him.

"What can I make out of this?" he thought to himself.

As Razzle looked around, something on the bottom shelf caught his attention. He got down on his paws and knees to see what it was. When he got to the back of the shelf, he was disappointed to see that it was only a piece of quartz that was reflecting a small beam of sunlight that was coming into the tent.

Unfortunately when he went to stand back up, Razzle had not fully cleared the shelf and he smashed his head into the shelf above. Not only did his head hurt from hitting  the shelf, but other items from the shelf above hit him in the back. As he began to see stars, an idea came to him.

"I know," he said. "Why don't I create some type of a telescope that we can use to look for anyone who tries to attack us? The first step will be to build a physical telescope that we can hold and use. Once I get that to work, I should be able to use some of this other stuff to find a way to interface this to our computer system. Then we can keep an eye on our surroundings all the time. We could even possibly develop this more!"

"But one thing at a time," Razzle said. "Let me get started on the plans for a simple telescope and then start looking at how to make this more complicated."

As Razzle started sketching out his idea he began to think to himself, "I hope this will be acceptable. Maybe it won't be seen as too simple."

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