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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Dexter Cobalt and Artemis. This post is for Base Ops sorted recruits only.

Cobalt diligently processed his files and was already seated at his desk at the front of the Base Ops tent. Of the three department tents, this was the only one that was open to the outside and opened toward the jungle no less. He smiled genially as he waited for the recruits for his department. While he waited he stacked the foraging bags on his desk that the recruits would use on their first assignments.
The little vixen hadn't slept well, though she usually didn't sleep quite the same way most people did. She tended to sleep a couple hours at a time, and early morning and late night were her times to go and free run and burn off energy and process complex thoughts. And look at the stars! She hoped the Overlord had an observatory, that would be super brilliant! But, reasonably sure she would be chastised for being out of the tent during the night, she tried not to dance around in place by her cot and wake up her tentmates. If her siblings would grumble and throw things at her, she was pretty sure these folk would be pretty irate too. Instead, she spent her time studying the Overlord's regulations and military traditions, rankings, divisions, absorbing information, practicing how to stand and salute and terms.

When the time rolled around, she was up and bathed and uniformed early and out the flaps of the barracks tent. Following her pad's directions, she went to grab a quick snack, then reported to the Base Ops tent ten minutes early. Finding Commander Cobalt present, she crisply stood at attention and saluted as her pad had shown her how to do and waited for acknowledgement and instructions.
A good night's sleep, a nice warm shower, a filling breakfast and a fresh set of clothes. Or, rather, a fresh uniform. The best way to start a day on a good foot, especially such an important day. It was the first day of bootcamp, the first day of their evaluation, and it was likely that what would happen this day would determine their future, or lack of, as a Minion in the Overlord's forces.

Once she was sure that she had put her uniform the right way, polished the buttons so they would shine, braided her long hair in a way that respected the rules, and checked her assignment twice, Tamara exited her tent and headed towards the Base Ops one. She returned a few salutes on her way, as a matter of politeness to people who did saluted her, until she reached her destination.

Taking a breathe, she steadied herself and stepped into the tent with a confident stride, though not overconfident. She saluted Cobalt as she was supposed to, thanks to the instructions on the pad, and nodded at Ara, waiting patiently besides her until everyone was here and they would be given instructions.

However, the tigress couldn't help but look at Cobalt, detailing him with her slitted emerald eyes. He looked human, a bit overweight, without the stern look of the general she met the day before, and he had a slight fishy smell, for some strange reason. Everything in his behavior spoke of a nice person.
Charon slept soundly from the slight smell of the ocean occasionally wafting in from the slight blowing in. He woke up and hopped into the shower; quickly washing away the dirt from his body and sleep from his eyes. He put on one of the uniforms he had been giving and it was still stiff from the laundry; he had to break it in he guessed.

He walked towards the base ops tent and observed the more rotund officer he met the first day. He smiled and saluted. "Hello sir, a good day isn't it?" he said, being polite but yet formal as he could be.

He also observed the other two recruits already at the base ops tent, a vixen and tigress.
Freya slept well enough, at least until the wee hours of the morning.  Her nervousness and excitement for the upcoming first day of boot camp had her waking up every twenty minutes or so, worried that she had somehow overslept.  She eventually gave up on trying to get anymore sleep and got up to start getting ready for the day.

After getting herself cleaned up, she worked herself into her uniform.  She still had some minor trouble getting her wings through the openings meant for them in her top, but after a bit of work she had everything on, and buttoned up.  She tied up her hair, and headed out into the early morning air.  

As she stepped out of the tent, she looked up at the sky, very tempted to take to the air and fly.  After a few moments contemplation, she decided that flying around the island first thing in the morning probably wasn't the best idea until she knew all of the rules.  She heaved a sigh, and headed off to get some food, and then to the base ops tent. 

She arrived at Base Ops just after Charon.  She noticed that the tent was the only one that was open to the nearby jungle, and she wondered what the reason for that may be as she headed inside the tent.  She followed the example set by her peers, and saluted Cobalt as she stepped into the tent.  "Morning sir." She greeted him with a bright smile before heading further into the tent.  Noticing that Ara, and Tamara were also already in the tent, she waved at all three of her new comrades.  "Morning."  She said to them.
Cobalt smiled, checked his watch and his tablet. All of his recruits were here now. He straightened with a smile and moved to address them and give them their first assignment.

"Welcome, Base ops Recruits." Cobalt nodded to each of them in turn. "My assistant will be joining me soon but while we wait for her, I want to get you out on your first test of the morning. As you can see, the jungle lays before you. You are to go out to a section of the jungle indicated on your Tablet, find as many things as you can that you believe are edible, and return them here for inspection. You can not work in groups for this exercise. Each of you will have your own section to browse. For the sake of the exercise, and the time limit, none of them are near the beach as of yet." He held up a stop watch. "This is linked to the Tablets, it will tell you how much time you have left."

He moved to his desk, which was little more than a folding table and picked up four canvas bags. He handed one to each of them. "A final warning. Be sure that what you're bringing back is native to our area, if it isn't it's not edible and furthermore will poison you. The final foraged items will be made into your lunch so if you end up poisoning your unit your process through Boot camp will be slowed considerably. You can cross reference items you find on your tablets." He held up the stop watch.

"Ready set, GO." He pressed the button on the top of the watch, simultaneously, their tablets pinged and were they to glance at the screens they would see the time counting down from an hour in the corner of their screen.
Tamara nodded back at Cobalt when he saluted them and listened intently, round ears perked up and pointed at him, as he explained what their first task, their first test, would be. Fortunately, the tablets he handed them had all the information they could require, including locations. She grabed hers as well a sthe bag and waited until he finished giving out his instructions.

When Cobalt said 'Go', the tigress nodded to him then turned to the other recruits. "Good luck to all of us," she said with a warm smile, "and try not to poison us, please," she added with a chuckle, before darting out into the jungle. Following the indications on her tablet, Tamara quickly reached her designated zone, and she began to look around for edible stuff.
The little white vix fidgeted a little, adjusting her hair, goggles, uniform, her energy and nervousness combining as she listened to the assignment.  She looked first at the bags, then at the jungle with apprehension: poisoning everyone?  That would be just her luck, too. As a fox, she was omnivorous and could certainly eat quite a variety of things, but she got them out of stores! Okay, okay, calm down, approach this like a math, math didn't apply here.  Physics?  Every action has an equal and opposite reaction: poison everyone and expect a boot applied firmly to rear for the program.  Her beringed ears flicked, chiming as she panted and shed excess heat, the vulpine equivalent of breaking out in a cold sweat.

Upon hearing how much time they have, she pulled out her tablet and set alarms for half-way, fifteen minutes left, five minutes left and time's up.  She put her tablet away and upon "go" she nods and smiles at the nice tigress, waves to her companions and slings her bag over her back by the straps, darting off into the direction indicated to her by her tablet beforehand.

Once far enough into the thick of things, she skids to a stop and retrieves her tablet, starting tro carefully look and smell using her keen senses - for some reason she felt like having fish, but didn't think that was on the menu.  Aha!  Comparing imagery with text on the colors and scent, she chews her lip adorably with one fang before shrugging and grasping some form of plant and hauling it up to harvest the large tubers that are said to be edible when steamed or roasted in a fire.  She was pretty sure they wouldn't be allowed such amenities as a microwave or toaster oven, so she set a custom filter on her tablet search for plants, vegatables, herbs, fruits, nuts and other flora that could be eaten with little to no preparation.

While foraging, naturally the over-achieving and energetic eccentric vixen's mind was wandering: will she have to do this kind of thing long?  She thought the dragoness had an unfair advantage, what with being able to fly and all.  Though she was pretty sure her senses were keener than the others', the tigress seemed to really know what she was doing, very confident of herself.  The cheetah certainly had natural speed on his side, but...wait.  The Commander had said this was an individual effort, but not a competition. That was helpful to her ego! And perhaps they would be working together! Problem solving in a group was better than this for her, at least she could learn something from the, is that fruit?  Are those berries poisonous or just, well, not very tasty?  Maybe she'd better try a sample of some of these things that her tablet tells her definitely aren't poisonous...yes, keep looking back and forth between images and berries, mmmhmmm!  She hoped the Commander would forgive her insults, and the Doctor and the, how humiliating!  Mustn't dwell on it though, that won't do.  Right!
Freya had been planning to inquire about any rules for flying on the island, but that train of thought came to a screeching halt as Cobalt almost immediately launched into explaining the group's first task of the day.  All other thoughts fled her mind as she concentrated on listening to what he had to say.

She listened carefully as the task and conditions were explained.  The time limit made her a little nervous , but it was the fact that they were going to be served their harvest for lunch that was the most sobering thought.  It set into her mind that she had to be careful what she grabbed, and double, even triple check everything before she put it into her bag.  

She took her bag, and folded it as tightly as she could before stuffing it into a pocket, then looked at her tablet.  Cobalt said go, and the timer pinged.  She quickly switched the screen back to her marked portion of the map, wanting to get a good enough idea of where she was going that she wouldn't have to pull it out mid flight.  She barely registered Tamara, and Ara leaving the tent through her concentration on her map.  After a few more moments, she nodded to herself, then gave a quick smile and a nod to cobalt and Charon before putting her tablet into it's pocket and heading out of the tent.

She had completely forgotten her earlier concerns about flight as she exited the tent, and turned to get more room for a takeoff.  She dropped into a run on all fours as she spread her wings.  She flapped her wings, and leapt into the air.  Her wings beat heavily against the air to propel her upward, and she reveled in the feeling of the wind over her wings as she climbed above the jungle canopy then banked in an easy turn that set her toward her destination.  

She figured her area to search was likely the furthest away since she would be able to travel faster than the others.  And while flight was all well and good, landing in the jungle wasn't always a walk in the park.  As she reached her designated area, she looked for a break in the canopy she could use to get to the ground.  Unfortunately the only break she could find was not as big as she'd hoped it would be.  She dropped as low as she could as she approached, then made a quick change to her trajectory before tucking her wings and diving through the opening, hoping there was clear ground on the other side.  Once she had broken through the canopy, and quickly opened her wings.  She flapped her wings heavily to slow herself enough to land, and dropped to the ground a little hard.  Once on the ground, she folded her wings and paused for a few moments to catch her breath and orient herself before she set off to search on foot.

As she browsed through the edibles she was likely to find around her, she kept her eyes peeled, and her nose in the air.  She concentrated more on looking for fruits that would be found higher up where the others may have troubles getting to them.  She eventually came across bread fruit, and mountain apples and with a bit of careful maneuvering, harvested a decent amount of both.  As she continued her search, she stumbled on some black nightshade.  She was sure to verify that they were indeed what she was looking at, and that the black berries she picked from them were edible.  As she continued on, she caught a scent on the wind that was something very close to rancid garbage.  Morbid curiosity eventually got the better of her and she tracked the scent to it's source.  She looked up the white fruit to find that it was called noni, and was indeed edible, though how anything that smelled that bad could be eaten she couldn't fathom.  She looked at her bag which had a decent heft, then at the timer on her tablet before deciding that she wasn't desperate enough to bring any of them back with her.  In fact, she decided it was probably in her best interest to start heading back to camp while she still had time.

She made it to a spot that she could get back into the air, and took off, quickly winging her way back to camp.  She would have loved to have found some sort of game while she was out, but she hadn't run across any, and she didn't have enough time now to look specifically for it, let alone catch it.  She sighed at that though, and hoped to herself that maybe one of the others had some luck on that front, or that meat would be supplemented in with what they brought back for lunch.  

She arrived back at the camp with a few minutes to spare, but figured she would rather get back early than late.  With plenty of room to spare in the cleared area around the camp, she landed lightly a short distance from the tent, then walked over to it to wait outside for the others to return.
"Well, there goes my chance," the feline said, sighing. "Don't really have a jungle where I'm from."

The cheetah picked up the bag and looked through the edible plants and roots on his tablet. Some things he recognized as edible as it was served to him on the dinner table back home but to know where all these things actually came from was quite foreign to him.

He smiled up at Cobalt and waded into the jungle. Each of the other recruits seemed to be very eager and rushed head long into the lush foliage. 'Won't do them any good if they trip on an exposed root or become entangled in the trappings of an overhanging vine.' He set off at a controlled but brisk pace deeper into the unknown.

His ears took in the audible sounds of the jungle from the several denizens which made this lush landscape their home. From everything to birds to lizards to insects, it was a new experience for the young feline. A sudden yelp of surprised then silence meant one such creature met its untimely end to another; such was the way of the law of the jungle. He continued on to find some overhanging branches which contained red and green fruit. Making sure these were edible, he took a picture with his tablet and compared the leaves to several different types of plants which looked similar. Feeling comfortable with his choice of edible fruit, he took down a few bunches of the fruit, taking care to leave some for those in the forest which depended more on the sustenance than they did on the island.

He did this to other different fruit and root species taking care not to upset the balance which the jungle had carefully maintained. He turned up his nose to some small green berries as they just smelled off to his highly keen sense of smell. Others, he took his time to make sure he didn't make any one back at the camp sick. 'Can't cook or make a meal without water.'

He came to a small stream which ran through the jungle and filled the canteens which were provided. "Need to boil it just to make sure."

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