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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
Artemis takes the packet of cotton swabs and stares at them with her unreadable green eyes, but finally a smile plays at the edge of her lips.  She’s had enough experience to know precisely what ‘with all due respect’ means in military speak and the reprimand is enough of a cold bucket of water on her thoughts to keep her from saying anything further despite the insult.  She seems almost grateful to take Darius’ punishment as she tucks the box of swabs under her arm.  “The men’s latrine?  Hopefully the gentlemen using it can handle a visitor.  I’ll get right on it, sir.  My apologies for my outburst.”  She fidgets with her ear for a moment and a small hidden metal device emits a soft beeping noise.  Most likely the communicator Darius was referring to.
The white cat salutes the general and calmly strolls out of the tent.  She’s said her part and can now wipe her hands of the whole affair.  The best thing she can do now is show that punishment can be taken with dignity, even the kind meant to be humiliating.
Despite her numbed emotional state, Ara was still surprised and shocked at seeing the General enter the tent suddenly. She jumped back to her feet at rigid attention, ears and face under her white fur turning dark red in humiliation as she was reprimanded in front of her peers. She knew she had done everything the General said, and now she faced a long night of introspection and reflection on all the mistakes she had made, beginning with her own attitude towards what she was really doing here, and she deserved it.

With an audible gulp of air, the vixen saluted the General with a croaked, then louder, "Yes, sir!" She took the box and exited the tent without a backward glance at her teammates. She would have to take her punishment and accept the role she was now in as a military recruit. She exited the tent, and made her way to the designated latrine area. Rolling up her sleeves and opening the box, she swallowed the lump in her throat and sighed, then picked a spot and started to work. It was going to be a long night, but maybe having some time alone with her thoughts, a chance to analyze how she wound up in this situation, would help bring her the clarity she needed to make it through the next day without any more mishaps.
Tamara stood at attention as well when she saw the General enter their tent, idly thinking that 'their' tent was starting to look like the ferry station, with everyone coming and going. She listened to Darius' speech quietly, with much attention. Her round ears were pointing at him, proof that he had her undivided attention, her tail almost at a standstill, except for the very slow flick of it's tip.

General Steele was short and to the point, yet the tigress couldn't help but wonder about his definition of education, and the methods used, which were lightyears from what she was used to back home, with her parents and at school. But, she was never exposed to military education before, and there wasn't that much details about it that could be found on the islands RexOS network. The punishment, however, seemed very harsh to her, especially for a first day.

Tamara relaxed her posture once both Artemis and Darius had stepped out, following Ara, and looked at Freya and Charon. There was a split moment of silence, then she grabbed a handful of the fruits that Freya brought from the gathering event, and exited the tent. She looked around for Ara while popping one of the berries in her muzzle, and catched up with the vixen, stopping her by placing a paw on her shoulder.

"Tomorrow's event is supposed to teach us teamwork. I guess we can start now," she said with a warm smile on her muzzle. "I just hope they'll allow us to take a shower before the event," she added with a nervous laughter.
It was a long drawn out silence with Aralyn and Tamara leaving the tent.  "We have to account for Ara's lack of sleep for this event tomorrow," the feline mused as he eyed the backs of both General Steele and Captain Artemis.  "We have to double our efforts."

He breathed out a sigh of relief but one of worry, the General certainly had a presence about him which no one would dare talk back or even think of doing so.  Steele spelled it out clearly to everyone in the tent; this was not a holiday but an actual military operation.  

Charon selected a few of the fruit lying on the table and sat down munching on a mountain apple, while red in color it still had the firmness of not being completely ripe.  "So Freya, what do you have in store for us as we venture forth tomorrow or should we wait until we know what our next assignment will be?"
Freya jumped to her feet as well when General Steele entered their tent.  There were plenty of thing she had wanted to say, but she knew it would do little more than open herself up for disciplinary measures.  Instead, she winced a little when Ara's task was announced and held her tongue, waiting for the officers to leave.  

Once the officers were gone, she let out a long sigh as she sat back down at the table and grabbed one of the mountain apples.  "Be careful."  She called after Tamara as the tigress headed outside, presumably to catch Ara.  She just hoped that whatever Tamara planned it wouldn't get them into more trouble.  She sighed again before taking a large bite from the fruit she held.  

She looked at Charon with a small smile as he asked what she had planned for the group for tomorrow.  "I'd like to say a nice nap."  She replied, attempting to bring at least a small amount of humor back into the tent.  "At least one of us is going to be running on little to no sleep.  Unfortunately, we don't know what tomorrow's task is going to be so I can't do much more than make myself a list of what everybody's  strengths are and try to figure out how everyone can best contribute."  She mused with a shrug.  

She finished the mountain apple, then grabbed a handful of the black nightshade berries, popping them into her mouth a couple at a time.  "In the mean time..." She commented as she finished the berries.  "I need to make sure I'm looking my best for this officer's meal."  She said as she looked down at the uniform she had worn out into the jungle.  While it was in much better shape than she would have expected any of her personal clothes to be in after traipsing through the jungle, there were a few smudges here and there that marred the fabric.

She took off her current uniform, folding it neatly and setting it onto her cot before she took her spare, and started working her way into it.  She still had a little trouble with the top, but eventually got it on, and buttoned up.  Once she had the fresh uniform on, she untied her hair to run a brush through it a few times before tying it back up again.  She took her tablet as she headed back to the table, and set an alarm to remind her when she needed to leave the tent to the officer's meal.  She sat back down and smiled at Charon.  "So, what would you say are your strength that we might be able to exploit tomorrow?"  She asked the cheetah, figuring she may as well prepare for tomorrow while she waited for the officer's meal, it might help take her mind off the impending event as well.
Once he was certain he was out of view, Darius relaxed a fraction and the limp in his step as aided by the cane became more pronounced. He gritted his teeth and in a much slower gait made his way back to the officer's tent where Cobalt was waiting, looking understandably on edge. Darius gave him a look and very carefully eased himself down into a chair. "Now you see why I assigned YOU to them, Dexter." Cobalt nodded. "I suppose you heard all that but if our earpieces failed you, Ara Thorn and Artemis will be cleaning the latrines, separately of course. Good old fashioned solitary work detail might be just the thing." Cobalt nodded again.

"I... I'm sorry I teased you about the difficulty of this position before, Commander. I just hope Silver is faring better than I did." Cobalt said softly his hands moving over the files of his recruits. "I don't expect having help from here on out."

Darius smirked. "This is all part of the process, my friend, if they can't do the job... well... they either learn now or they go home, it's that simple. As for Garret I'm sure he'll be fine. For one thing Lady Bane isn't here and neither is a live Bun-e ray gun. No-one's yet turned themselves into a rabbit, and been tied to a stick and used to clean the latrines this time."

Cobalt chuckled. "So far, you mean."

"Well if I know R&D hopefuls something is bound to happen eventually, but we're a bit better prepared for that when it does. As much as we can be. If Garret needs help we also have Chiria on hand."

Cobalt bowed his head. "Let's hope, and Darius I am sorry it should have been me dealing with that not y-"

Darius held up a hand to cut him off. "Seeing as I suddenly lack my tea-making expert to latrine duty herself you can make it up to me that way." He pointed to the teapot on the hotplate. "Get to it, Captain."

Cobalt laughed and got up from his chair. "Yes Sir!"

Darius reclined back in the chair with a tired sigh. “And don’t forget our dinner tonight, since you invited one of the recruits, please see to it that you escort her to and from.”

Cobalt carefully started on the teapot and started steeping tea from the tin nearby. “Will do, she has shown the most aptitude so far in this particular department but tomorrow I hope the others come into their own.”

Darius watched as he usually did as the tea was prepared. He still, even now, found the whole process oddly fascinating. “Here’s hoping, it will be interesting to see how tomorrow plays out.”

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Ara eeped softly as a hand came down on her shoulder and turned to the smiling tigress, ears dipped. She listened, then slowly shook her head. "Thank you very much for the offer, Tamara, but if this was meant to be a team effort, the Captain and I would've been put together. It's a punishment, and I'll do what I've been ordered to do, but I have to do it alone, please. It'll give me time to think, as well. I need to focus on the fact that things are very different here."

She bobbed her head gratefully. "Thank you for coming after me, and please convey my thanks to Charon and Freya too, will you? I think we were really making some, um, bonds? I think. At least, for my part." Her accent made her words even softer than her voice usually was. "Now, please excuse me, I have a duty to perform. I'll see you tomorrow."
"Alright," said Tamara, nodding slowly. "I'll tell Charon and Freya. See you tomorrow, my friend," she added with a smile. There was a split moment of hesitation, when she wanted to give Ara a hug, but she decided against it, given that hugs were apparently not part of military life. She didn't wanted to add even more to the discontentment of their superior officers. The tigress gently squeezed the shoulder of the vixen, then she went back to the tent, walking slowly, ears splayed some.

Closing the flap behind her, Tamara went to sit at the table and looked at Charon and Freya. "Ara thanks you for the kind words and the support," she told them. "I hope she won't be in too bad of a shape for tomorrow's event."
"My strengths?" mused the feline leaning back in the chair on the back two legs. "Of course my speed but it's only in short bursts and even then I'm sorta slow concerning other cheetahs; never really felt the thrill of running at top speed as the others did but mind you, if something were to happen, you'd be seeing a flash of yellow and purple."

Charon looked up to see Tamara walking back in the tent. "She is most welcome," pushing back the chair to land back on all fours. "I just hope we all can be in shape for whatever Captain Cobalt has in store for us."

Finishing the apple which was quite the different taste he was used it but it did hit the spot he selected some berries and popped one in his mouth. "If we are talking about strengths I seem to like fishing quite a bit both in and out of the water. Weaknesses, I have plenty. I like to take over and push people out of the way; maybe this is my chance to let others take the lead for once."
Freya nodded as Charon mused over his strengths.  "Ok, short bursts of ground speed....could be very good if we have to do any hunting."  Freya commented as she tried to guess at what their task for the next day would be.  She drummed her claws lightly against the table as she thought.  

She looked up, and was relieved to see Tamara walking back into the tent.  She had worried that Tamara would insist on helping Ara with her cleaning and possibly get herself into trouble, and Ara into worse.  She gave a small smile.  "That's what teammates are for."  She replied, nodding before she spoke again "I hope she won't too, but we should plan for her not to be anywhere near a hundred percent for tomorrow."  She sighed as she thought of Ara stuck cleaning the latrines all night, and decided she would check in on the vixen after dinner.  

She grinned as Charon mentioned fishing.  "Something to take into account if we're near any good size streams, or on the beach tomorrow."  She replied.  She frowned slightly as Charon mentioned weaknesses.  "Well, I like to take input from everybody before making a decision....if time and conditions permit."  She commented on the subject of leadership

She turned her attention to Tamara, her expression turning thoughtful again.  "What strengths would you say you have that we may be able to exploit for..."  She lifted her shoulders and spread her hands in front of her in an exaggerated shrug.  "...whatever it is we're doing tomorrow?" She asked the tigress, wanting to get an idea what the other members of her team were capable of before they received their mystery task in the morning.

She pulled out her tablet, checking the time to be sure she still had plenty before she needed to leave.  

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