Isla Aukate
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Boot camp Training Day 1 Base Ops department
Charon was probably the most nervous of the foursome which came back from the jungle. He could always use his tablet but something told him Cobalt would frown on that. At first he fished through his pack and immediately picked out the few edibles he knew off the top of his head. He took a deep breathe and picked through the roots which he only just saw on his computer device. He knew he would get some wrong and he looked up at Cobalt expecting him to show some sympathy. "I'm sorry sir, while...the tablet is helpful, I can probably name all the fish in the sea by heart but here, I'm out of my element," Charon admitted. "I will do my best to study further."

He placed a few roots in the bin because he had already forgotten what they were called. Some he was proud of remembering the names of them. At least, when it came to the water he knew what it was. "Probably have to boil it just in case," he said to Cobalt. "Fresh water in the canteens."'
The final figure to emerge from gathering is the white cat who had taken her time joining the group. Her uniform ranks her as someone who is definitely not a recruit although the adornments are different from Cobalt's. She has the gold collar and gold wrist adornments of an officer but the spats on her digitigrade feet are a darker purple than the rest of her uniform. Said uniform is in a state of some disarray as she's plainly had a scuffle with the large animal she has draped over her shoulders. "Captain Artemis reporting in with a successful collection, Captain Cobalt."

"A chital," she states. "Also known as the Axis deer." The beast in question has the dappled coat of a faun but is large enough to be an adult. Perhaps a young adult but old enough that the spots must be an aspect of an adult beast on the island.

She refrains from dropping the dead deer on the table but moves close enough for Cobalt to inspect it. "The officers are going to eat well tonight. If it passes inspection I'll take it to the mess and see about getting it dressed down. Hector might be interested in the pelt."
Cobalt turned to Ara first. “I asked you to identify to me what you gathered. It would seem that when asked to tell me what you got, all you can give is 'tasty'. Since 'tasty berries' isn't on the approved list of items...." Cobalt grabbed the bag and upended it unceremoniously into the bin. “I sorely hope the berry you ate wasn’t poisonous Ara, but in the event that it might be, I suggest you see yourself to the Medical tent. And try not to hug Silver OR Chiria while you’re there.”

Next he turned to Tamara and Charon. “Same goes for you, I didn’t hear a single named plant from your haul. I understand this is not your forte but I gave you all the resources you needed to go through and tell me exactly what you find on the island.” Without another word he upended both of their packs into the trash but left the canteen of water.

He finally approached Freya. “Congratulations, you are the sole survivor of this group. You gave me several plants and named them and clearly did your research to do so. Well done. You only need to pass one other challenge before you get to ride the ferry to the Citadel.” He shook the dragon’s hand and smiled then turned to the other three.

“I suggest you three read over the native plants of tropical islands and acquaint yourselves with them. Tomorrow will be a new challenge, you three can enjoy the stream water Charon brought back with him. Freya, I’ll be bringing your gatherings to the officer’s lunch in a few hours, where you’ll be joining me and the others. I’ll see the rest of you at breakfast tomorrow, since that will be the next time you’ll be eating.”

Cobalt smiled as Artemis came in and appraised the deer. “Very well done, General Steele will be happy to get some protein. As I’m sure as well Doctor Silver will appreciate it.” He winked at her. “I can take this to the cook or you can do it if you care to.”

OOC: Freya passes this round, the rest of you do not.
The point of this exercise was for you to do research. By naming plants in your post, and showing me you’ve done something to actually research the setting.
Posting an “automatic win” without actually giving me any information or naming names of the plants you gathered borders on power-playing.
The feline was embarrassed to say the least.  It had been such a long time for him to go out of his natural habitat and his preferred surroundings he had actually forgot how much more oft his world was left to explore and for him to actually learn about.  He picked up one of the canteens of water and frowned; it had to be water.  

Charon's stomach grumbled slightly with the strange creature Captain Artemis provided.  The natural urges to sink his teeth into meat nearly overwhelmed him but he had to do better to even sniff...well, it was going to be one thing for him to smell the cooking meat.  He had to refocus his energies and become the person he wanted to become.  

"I...I have an idea," he quietly spoke up.  "Captain Cobalt, the tablets which you gave us, can they been used as such like flashcards and if so, I would like to suggest maybe going to a quiet area for Ara, Tamara and I to quiz each other the next time we are to provide for ourselves not to mention the entire camp.  I think we blew it big time and we need to make up for it."

He looked back at the retreating white furred Captain.  Feline features but he had never seen one quite like her.  Another thing to put on his list of not knowing was going on in the world he had no knowledge of.
Freya winced a little as Cobalt proceeded to dump everything her comrades had brought back into the trash, except the canteen of water.  So far things didn't seem to be going too well.  She half expected her own harvest to follow the rest into the trash, despite her careful research and harvest.  Her fears were thankfully for naught as Cobalt congratulated her on her success.

She beamed at the praise from Cobalt as she shook his hand.  "Thank you sir."  She replied, trying to suppress her grin some; she didn't want to make her comrades feel any worse by broadcasting just how excited she was that she had passed the first task.  Cobalt's mention of joining the officer's lunch made wiping the grin off her face much easier as her eyes widened in surprise.  She suddenly found herself feeling quite nervous, and she now fought to hold on to her smile.  "Yes sir, thank you sir."  She replied, amazed that her voice held steady as she spoke.  "Where should I be, and when should I be there sir?"  She asked.

Artemis stepped up with a deer over a shoulder, and Freya did a double take.  She hadn't been expecting anyone else to enter the tent, let alone an officer toting a deer.  She had to admit to herself though that she was pretty impressed that the feline had apparently grappled with the beast before she finished it.  "Remind me never to get into a scrap with you Ma'am."  She commented in slightly awed tones before her brain caught up with her mouth.  She quickly snapped her jaw shut as she realized exactly what she had just done.  She froze in place, unsure whether she should apologize or just hope her comment was ignored.
Tamara's stomach growled in echo to Charon's when she saw Artemis come with the freshly killed ungulate. She had no idea what species it was exactly, but it was certainly edible given what the two Captains were saying, and she couldn't help but lick her lips at the thought of sampling of that meat. Thought that was squashed immediately when the white feline mentioned that this was going to be served to the officers, which wasn't too surprising, she reasoned in her mind.

What was more surprising, however, were the next words pronounced by Cobalt. While she was very ashamed for having failed the task set forth by Cobalt, thus failing her first 'class', going with just a little water for a whole day was an extremely unappealing prospect for the young tigress, especially when a big piece of meat was held right under her nose, so to speak. And more so when it contradicted what they were told barely more than one hour ago, during the briefing.

"But, Captain!" she exclaimed while looking at Cobalt, trying not too sound too scandalized to avoid being accused of not respecting a superior officer. "You told us, during the briefing, that whatever we would bring back and identify would be made into the lunch of our unit. And even told us to be careful not to bring anything that wasn't native to not poison our comrades, which would slow down our progress through Boot Camp," she added, her tone ending up being more one of pleading than complaining.
Ara felt the fracturing crush of pressure, the cold clench in the center of her chest of abysmal failure as she listened to the Commander..correction, Captain...dissect and destroy the team's efforts one by one, save for the dragoness.  While somewhere in her mind she was pleased for Freya, her heart was focused on this defeat.  Ears wilted and color bled out of her nosepad, the little vixen was heartsick.  She was going to be found wanting and kicked away from her dream literally because of a hug.  Her overenthusiasm and lack of decorum had finally destroyed her, just as her older sister had scornfully said it would.  It wasn't fair, but it was her failure.  She blinked as she first smelled, then saw the dead deer that Captain Artemis had retrieved, and felt a bit sick.  Eying the deer, one sympathized.

She heard the cheetah's idea, which seemed slightly positive, then heard the tigress and gave her a resigned look and a small shake of her head.  She flinched at the reprimand not to hug any of the medical personnel as she was ordered to the medical tent.  She managed to turn and straighten up to salute both Captains, "Yes, sir," was her all but whispered reply to all of this, and she reamined in her salute looking of at that nowhere point about three feet in front of her face, her chest aching and feeling like she was going to sob, but keeping her erratic and wildly swinging emotional state under control, waiting to be dismissed and directed where to go.
Cobalt moved to help the white feline with her burden. His much larger and stronger frame able to carry the chital almost effortlessly. He glances down at the wastebin. Besides holding their discarded items it also contains half a day’s garbage with rancid leftovers, coffee grounds, and spoiled milk. As she speaks, Cobalt stares at Tamara as if she’d sprouted a second head. “Recruit, as you said yourself, your meal would be made out of the items you identified. You identified nothing, so I am holding to my end of things just fine. I removed Freya’s collection because I did not think it fair for one person to carry the other three. But if she sees fit to let you have her findings, I’ll allow it. Now, if you insist that all of what you brought in, identified or not, should be made into your lunch, you are more than welcome to go digging through the garbage. There’s an unripe nightshade berry in there, some rosary peas, Akia berries, and sodom apples. All of which can and will kill you should you choose to ingest them.”

“I believe that as an officer I have the right to disqualify foods made into meals on account of lethality.” He gestures to the trash bin. “But if you want to suicide by dumpster diving, far be it from me to stop you. I suppose that goes for the rest of you as well.” He eyes the other recruits. “You don't have to follow her example and can wait until breakfast. I would personally recommend simply going back to your tent since you will need to be in good physical shape and not vomiting blood or suffering fatal seizures come morning.”

Cobalt then turned to Charon. “What you do on your own time is yours but this task is over. You need two passes to get to the citadel. And there will be opportunities to have your tasks count for more than one for future tests.”

The darnathi clears his throat. “You are all dismissed. Your next exercise will be as a group, and the four of you will need to elect a leader of the group among your numbers. In the morning I will assign your next task and you four will tell me which one was elected as your group leader for it. Recruit Asyriel, please meet the officers for dinner in their tent at six sharp.”

He finally turned to Ara. “Go to medical and ask for Doctor Silver, he’ll give you something to keep you from getting too ill I believe.”
"Understood sir," Charon said, still feeling the sting of the rebuke of his findings in the jungle.

He looked over to the other recruits with Ara seemingly undecided to go to the medical tent. "I think it would be wise, just as a precautionary measure to be sure," the cheetah said to Ara. "It might as well been very healthy and good to eat but with our knowledge of all those fruits, veggies and roots out there," making a motion with his right thumb over his shoulder towards the jungle. "I wouldn't want to make any assumptions."

He looked over to the other two recruits, Tamara and Freya. "I think Tamara," Charon started out. "for this exercise was to become used to the island's natural bounty. I'm used to my own island's setting and I think it hindered myself. I've taken for granted so many things which was served to me it was edible and I ate it; only once or twice which I can remember, did I question what a certain fish or vegetable was served to me. Here, I have no idea what the name of the plant or whether it was edible or not. Sure the tablets were used for us to have a better understanding of what is out there in the jungle, but what if we lost our electronic crutch, would we really be able to tell the difference between plants which are similar in looks and tastes? I'm as guilty as you are in this. Yes, we identified what we brought back, but did we really know the plant or root?"

Charon felt as if he was overstepping his bounds by bringing this up especially after Captain Cobalt said his peace but he thought a little reinforcement was needed; he just hoped he didn't come across as too harsh. "Now then, for a leader, I'm fine for anyone who wants to step up; I will support, to the best of my ability, whoever wants to be a leader, but if a more democratic process is to be had, I think we can have our discussion a bit more cooler in the shade, perhaps in our bunk tent?"
Freya's ears shot up straight as they picked up Cobalt's permission for her to share what she had brought back with her fellow recruits.  "Oh, thank you sir."  She spoke up happily.  "I would love to share what I found with my comrades."  She said with a large pleased smile as she gathered her fruits off the table.  "We are all part of the team after all, and whether we're assessed individually or not, we should be looking out for eachother."  Being part of a cohesive group working toward the same goal, part of something bigger than herself, was why she had joined the overlord's forces and the current situation struck that exact cord in her.  

She gave some of what she had collected to both Tamara, and Charon with a pleased smile.  She turned her attention to Ara, and dimmed her enthusiasm a bit.  "I'll save some for you for when you get back from medical."  She told the vixen in sympathetic tones.  "Gotta stay strong after all."  She told Ara, again trying to offer some encouragement to the vixen who seemed to be feeling she was very much out of place.

Cobalt announced that their next task would have them working together as a group, and this announcement had Freya filled with nervous excitement again.  "Yes sir, I will be there"  She replied when he told her where she needed to be next, and where.  She was glad she would have enough time to make herself more presentable before eating with the Officers.  The prospect still made her nervous, and she didn't want to do anything to make Cobalt regret giving her that privilege.

She nodded when Charon spoke up about choosing a leader.  "I'll volunteer for the position, but I agree with Charon, it's probably something we should discuss as a group."  She commented, agreeing with the cheetah.  She snapped a quick salute to Cobalt, and Artemis before heading for the door out of the tent.

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