Isla Aukate
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Lair ?
Ok today at work (I have a lot of time to think there) I thought a bit about the lair
Coming freshly from a big con I compared both and stumbled over a simple question
How big is the Lair ?
I get that the lair is a gigantic complex with laboratories, living space, recreation space, jail, meeting rooms, roost for the chimenticores, and so on.
If I compare it to the Hotel we where staying in I would say the lair is bigger (way bigger)
but how big ? the Hotel did host around 2500 furs .
So is the lair like a little city which (and here I assume) over 5000 minions in it or more like a big factory with lots of space but only 200 to 500 minions ?

Your thoughts please
It is an underground city. its eight square miles and part of the reason why there are so many expansive professions a "minion" can take and still work for the overlord.
OK that is big and I mean really big
I mean my whole city fits into that
Thanks for the answer
I also think we have a touch more than just 5000 minions in the lair :3
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