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Disturbing Trends: PLEASE READ
Okay guys, there’s a disturbing trend in the comic’s comments section that I feel I need to deal with before it becomes too large a thorn in my side.

I am okay with speculation about the future of the plot. I am okay with folks expressing their feelings on the page or saying something like ‘Oh no! I hope so-and-so will be okay!’ or ‘I am sad that this happened.’ or even, ‘I don’t like that this happened’ (so long as it’s said tactfully instead of snarky). Comments like that tell me that you are interested in the story. They tell me I’ve hooked you. They’re good to know.

But when you start saying things like ‘Fox would NEVER do that!’ or ‘If things happen this way it will show how stupid this is!’, or ‘Fox is going to do X.’ or ‘I am going to state this assumption about the islands as if it were fact.’ Guys, please stop.

Remember that there are a lot of folks who read the comic that are considering joining the roleplay. And when you make statements like that, especially when they are WRONG, it gives readers the wrong impression. They don’t know a private from a general. They don’t know an average Joe from an admin. And it also annoys me when people seem to repeatedly assume what my character is going to do. I don’t roleplay your characters in comments. I’d appreciate it if you’d return the favor.

I don’t want to start deleting comments, but it’s starting to get excessive. So before I do, I am politely asking you to mind what you post before you post it so I don’t have to resort to this.

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