Isla Aukate
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Prima Fauna
o.o Feel free to suggest. I am open to any ideas. ^_^
Well, I was reading through your character profile. I was thinking that perhaps a good idea would be to have your character go out of a desire or need to find a family? Rather it be subconscious or a completely conscious decision. You already have that a little bit considering you said your character is looking for acceptance. Perhaps that could be a part of it?

Tell me, your thoughts?
"What would you do for a better world?"
Despite having put that into her background..... I actually hadn't thought of that as a motivator... and it seems so much more plausible for an idea for her!....

But really... why hadn't I thought of that? XD

Yea! I think I am going to update her now with all this new stuff and then... see what is thought about it! And then.... I guess figure out how she gets to the island after that? -shrugs-

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Different vantage points are always helpful when making a character. Beauty comes from adversity after all (in some cases).

Though making your way to the island shouldn't be too difficult imo. Ferries should come by regularly enough and you would just need to have a job for a short time to charter one. Though I leave the method of transport up to you.

Glad I could help.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Well, I am just about finished with remaking some of the details so.... hopefully it isn't too assuming or anything. And hopefully the mode of transportation would be accepted. Either way, if it isn't, I'll just continue working on it until it is 100% Aukate acceptable!

oml... If this is too long for a bio, please let me know. o.e Sometimes I write and have trouble determining what is inconsequential and what is necessary. And other times I just... don't stop writing until it feels finished. Which means it can get long... like that one was.
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Okay, hold up a sec. I think you're operating under a wrong idea Selkie. All the inhabitants of the Calendar Islands (Where Aukate' and the rest are) are "talking animals" except the Darnathi and the few humans who live there. Your character being a bipedal dhole fits in just fine. The only wandering you would need to do is in how you heard about the Overlord and how you heard about becoming a minion. Love the enthusiasm and research you've done in making the character.

Oh, and wecome to the comic and the Overlord universe dear.

(Selkie and I have known each other for a while now. She's a great young lady and I'm happy to see her here.)
All Hail the Overlord!
Ohai, Mark! Big Grin Thank you for the welcome. = u =

O.O if that is the case then I can rewrite it all easier. If she would be acceptable to the islands, then that would be easier. I guess I just misread the history and uh.. about the residents wrong. Either way, I suppose I can begin rewriting again! Make it more plausible! O u O I feel like I am super close to being Aukate worthy now!
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What exactly were you confused about?

Also a note to others. While I appreciate your input I'd prefer that suggestions and help be relegated to other threads. If only so that character profiles don't get over-crowded with non-mod posts. Especially for a new user/character I'd prefer to keep initial character discussion mod-only if only so that there isn't a confusion in information. No-ones in trouble just trying to keep things clean and neat.
Also another note. There are precious few sapient quadrupedal animals, unicorns, horses, and pegasus for example are a few that come in both varietes of quadrupedal and bipedal. (and if you are unsure of spelling or words or definitions remember google is your friend. cSmile

Bane is not someone I would base a quad-model on simply because she's a an emotional Golem in the basest sense of the word. She's a creation not a "Race" option if that helps.
Apologies, Foxena! >u< I was excited to get feedback and to fix Prima's bio up! I want to make the Overlord happy. XD

It is likely I just got confused in general about the native population, thinking that only quadrupedal animals were the ones who were there. And others were just.... additions and tagalongs that joined later on. I sometimes don't read really well and require extra explanation on things so, I apologize! I will be sure to triple read things in the future to try to make sure I understand! It wasn't that I was exactly confused.... but I misinterpreted because my brain doesn't brain well sometimes. Haha!
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