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Recruit Get Together (OOC)?
(Intended as a planning and discussion thread)

So like, I was thinking, and I thought "Maybe all we recruits should get together and have like, a party on an off day or something". Get to know one another and stuff. I know it would help our characters grow as we met new and different kinds of people. While also helping to make our little group all that much tighter. 

Before I went off and made it though. I wanted to see who would be willing to jump on in for it. Maybe we could come up with some plans and ideas for it (if possible). Also to make sure I would have the approval of the Overlord. It could even be an RP thing like, we sign a little thing and give it to Darius, he wouldn't have to come but yeah. Whatever works for the people. 

I'd be down (clearly) what about anyone else?
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O u O If I get approved by the time this planning phase is over.... then I think that would be awesome!!! Big Grin A Recruit Party! >u<

Prima would bring the blackberry jam, toast, and milk!!!
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Hmmm this sounds like great idea! I would love to tag along at some point if we could actually get the ok. Smile However, this may be more difficult for me than I thought. Would like to find out more on this.
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Same as Selki: if I'm approved when this kicks in, I'd be happy to participate! ^^
This could be Interesting.. we thinking after successful move from BootCamp to the Lair? A big party for us to meet, mingle, and socialize? It might be fun. Just... don't ask Nyght to dance. While he does have some balance and skill from Martial arts as a child, he's almost solidly two left feet on the dancefloor!
I would definitely love to be a part of this if it is approved
Sounds good to me
Sounds like fun! I would be up for it!
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