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Changes complete.
Bootcamp will re-open on Nov 5. Here are the re-assignments for Bootcamp:

Rebel squrl.
Code Cougar

Congratulations all of you are now minions and can now officially post in all main RP threads.

Military's thread has been dissolved for the remainder of this wave of bootcamp, Digilord will be joining Base-ops.

Those of you who remain in R&D in order to pass you MUST present a project to me. If you fail to present a project to me you will be locked out of day three and will have to re-start Bootcamp in the next wave.

Officer Reassignments:

Tigermark will be joining Silver in Research to help judge Projects.

Darius Steele will be joining Cobalt and Artemis in Base ops.
Congratulations to those who have advanced ^^

Looking forward to working with Tigermark, i'm sure he will have much work for us.

Looking forward to future shenanigans in boot camp, see you all there.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Grats to the promoted! ^^
Congrats to the Promoted!
Grats to those of you who have advanced forward!

Now, here is hoping the R&D people pass ;3
Here's hoping we all pass! Wink

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