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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
Silver held up his tablet and smiled as it pinged with the message and dismissed Nyght. "One other thing." He tossed a coin in Nyght's direct. "Your official pass for day one... " He tapped something else on his tablet as Nyght took his seat. "Alright then... Might as well go in order of arrival....MR. Swiftfoot? If you would be so kind as to present your project to us?"

Silver set his tablet back down and smiled at Mark. "Well this is going well so far, I wonder how the others are doing."
William smiles as he is requested to come up. Gathering his supplies and making sure stuff is in place, he walks over to Dr. Silver and the Tiger officer with a smile. Placing a large PVC pipe on the table with a cap one end, he drops what looks like a small bowl down the open end and attaches a small hand pump to the other side. Taking a little shrink wrap he covers the other end and tapes it down./

"I hope you are doing well Today sirs. While I am largely skilled as a Chemist, I figured I would have issues finding such materials among the things there, so I decided to take an idea from the Physical field." he says with a grin as he hefted the tube. "This is a Vacuum Cannon. Now when I originally tried to work it out, I tried to call it a Vacuum Potato Launcher, but being we don't have a potato to launch out of it...oh well." He says with a grin. "Basically the cannon at the current moment is a closed system. No air can come in and no air can go out. However when I use this pump, the air will slowly be pumped out of the tube, causing the tube to become low in pressure, though it is still a closed system." He then points to the shrink wrap. "However I can open it up by popping the wrap, and in doing soo, air will flood into the tube and in the process push whatever is inside the launcher flying out as the pressure equalizes, causing it to very likely fly accross the room." he says with a smile. "So ya, thats the Vacuum Cannon. I figure it would be useful in some way as a simple way to test things with propulsion without the need of alot of excess energy." he finishes and smiles as he awaits responses.
The tiger smiled back at Silver, careful not to show too much of his teeth. "If the tablet traffic I've seen going across my screen is any indication, they're having an.....interesting time of it."

He listened to Recruit Swiftstep's presentation, watching carefully how the model worked. He sat back pensively, contemplating the possible development, and usefulness, of the device. After several long moments, he sat back up straight.

"This is an idea that will require quite a bit of development to be used safely. As it can launch projectiles as well as more mundane things, it would need Her Majesty the Overlord's approval to go on. I can see some uses for an air cannon to launch lines for rescue and ship to ship, and perhaps uses to test things within R&D, but we already have those systems available from outside commercial sources. So, sell me on it. How do you see it being used?"
All Hail the Overlord!
William looked at the Tiger a little bit nervously. While he was a excellent man of the sciences, he always felt he wasn't the best salesman. "Well Sirs, I would say one of it's biggest advantages is it's simple in design and dosen't require a ton of bits a pieces to operate. One would only need the proper tubing for the frame, a properly sized air resevour, and vacuum to power it. This to me is an advantage of it in comparison to say, having to using a wheel based system when it comes to accelerating a projectile in testing." he says, before thinking for a brief minute. "It also is a system that doesn't require anything more than a source of power to run the vacuum, which could reduce costs in the case of systems that require a propellent to launch. Such could easily be used in the ship to ship cases where power is readily available." he says, hoping that was a good start.
Silver stroked his chin. "As long as this technology is not weaponized I'll give you a pass, we have to be careful after all" He held out his tablet. "I'll send it's specs on to the appropriate channels in any case, and at least from a creative and usefullness standpoint I will give this a pass. It's unique, it has the basic technology for multiple uses and can be repurposed to a number of other things in the non-lethal category. I wonder how Fox would feel about projectile smoke bombs as it happens. That's non-lethal right?" Silver smiled at the Captain "Thanks for your input, Mark." He turned back to William. "Congratulations on passing your first task. You are dismissed. Amos? You're up next let's see what you've got."
William smiles at the response. He was afraid he was going to have to deal with a second rebuttle, but that Answer meant he had done well enough. "Thank you sir" he said with a minor wag of his tail and a bow, before stepping back and finding himself a seat to see what the next students project was to be.
"Oh, one last thing, Recruit Swiftstep."

Mark flipped a Pass coin toward the recruit.

"Your first Pass Token. Congratulations and well done."

He then turned his attention to the next recruit to present their project.
All Hail the Overlord!
William's scarred ear twitched for a second as he heard his name, before he does his best to react to the flip. Scambiling a little, he catches it in his hands as he hears Mark's second comment to which he smiles back "Thank you sir" before placing it in a pocket for the moment and returning to looking at what the next project may be.
Amos had listened quietly to the presentations of the two other recruits. Even after the first one he could see where he had gone wrong with his own presentation. He lacked a certain bit of ingenuity on his part. Yes, he displayed the know how of what he said he understood, but he didn't really offer anything more than that. "Is that what I have been lacking?" He thought to himself? Had he lost that ingenuitive spark, sitting in that office for all those years? For a few moments, he sat there letting all sorts of ideas race through his mind on how he could improve his own project. The natural reaction was that he should be bold, and risk some impromptu idea of his own and tie it in with his project somehow? He concluded however that this was a knee-jerk reaction, and if he acted on it it could possibly land him somewhere he ought not to be. He had a presentation, and he had rehearsed it and knew it inside and out. If there were questions on what he could do with it, Amos knew he could come up with something.

As the second presentation went on, Amos found himself drifting in thought as he listened. Not out of disrespect, but simply because he was caught up in how he let this happen.  "To think I have become too safe? After all these years I thought myself much bolder than that." He let the feelings wash over him as he dwelled on it. Then, he heard his name as he was called up. Taking a deep breath, he took the little brain he had carved out of wood in his hands. Walking up before the two in front of him, he saluted, and set the wood carved brain on the table in front of him. 

"Gentleman, today I have made a wood carving of  a brain. What I hope to accomplish by the end of my presentation is to have shown and displayed that I have a full understanding of the brain as a whole, and to have hopefully given everyone here at the very least a basic understanding of it as well. Today we will go over the cerebrum, or the forebrain. Though there are two other portions the mid and hindbrain. The forebrain is the main and most widely recognized portion of the brain, and has the most to understand." Using the wooden carving, he pointed to the upper part of the carving, the portion of the brain many think of when thinking of a brain.

"This is the cerebrum, the forebrain, and is the portion of the brain associated with higher mental function, like thought and emotions. This part of the brain is made up of several different portions that allow it to function at such a high capacity" Pointing at the front part of the carving, he began to discuss the frontal lobes.

"The frontal lobe is above the temporal lobes and in front of the parietal lobe. This portion of the brain is responsible for helping us plan schedules, remember a task, or use a thought out argument. They do this by acting as short term memory sites, holding one piece of information as another is processed. In the back of the frontal lobe is the motor cortex which programs movement, and on the left portion of the frontal lobe is a portion of the brain called broca's area, which is what transforms our thoughts into words." He then pointed to the rear lobe, the parietal lobe.

"This is the Parietal lobe. Whenever you smell a good meal, or remember how a food felt or tasted. This is the portion of the brain responsible for that. At the very front of these lobes, are the primary sensory areas. These areas are what help us feel temperature or feel the differences of touch." Moving on, he pointed the rearmost lobe, spinning the carving around.

"This is the Occipital lobe, as the name hints, this is the portion of the brain that coordinates eye function, and help us link the things we see to information stored in our brain. A very important part of our brain function." Then leaning the carving up on it's hinge, he displayed the temporal lobe.

"This lobe, the Temporal lobe, is underneath the Parietal and frontal lobes. It is responsible for how we feel about music. Primarily it decodes the things we hear, and it helps us when forming and remembering memories we have." Then opening up the small latch keeping the brain together, he displayed the inner brain.

"Finally, here we have the inner brain, or as some would call it the limbic lobe. This portion of the brain has many smaller portions with highly specialized functions, but for the sake of simplicity we will simply refer to it as the inner brain. This portion of the brain is responsible for waking us up, allowing us to move without having to think carefully about it first, monitors adrenaline and wakes us up in the morning. It is also most importantly, where a lot of our emotions stem from, the things that make us angry, happy or sad, from a chemical point of view, come from this portion of our brain." Closing up the brain and latching it shut again. Amos smiled "Any questions gentleman?" Aside from could that be any more boring? Amos was almost convinced there wouldn't be. He just hoped that no one had fallen asleep.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Silver looked over the model with a bit of curiosity as Amos went through each part of the brain. "In fairness... I wouldn't expect someone going into the medical profession to give me an invention. Though this required a bit of skill to make, well done, sir." He handed the brain back to Amos with a smile. "It's nice to know that people like you are willing to express their knowlege when aspiring to the noble profession of Doctor. Not that I'm biased." His smiled turned into a smirk. "If I may ask before I pass you, is neurology where you see yourself or are you more of a General practitioner? Any specific place you see working?"

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