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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
Nyght walked in promptly, early this time to offset his blunder of being late the previous day as he held his prototype system in his hands. He smiled as he looked over to Dr. Silver. "Good Morning, Sir! Recruit Panthyr ready to demonstrate his Prototype Signal Scanner and Frequency Jammer" He nodded quietly, holding the device in both hands. He was told to make it with the parts shown, otherwise he surmised he could fit it into a single hand tool or perhaps integrate it into a tablet in some way, shape, or form if the technology was proven viable enough to proceed past Proof of Concept.

"Dr. Silver, most of my knowledge is based on network security. I have noticed most, if not all the people I have met use Tablets or computers for their jobs or personal activities. Signals go from Tablet or computer to the internet and back via access points. These access points need to be protected from potential attack or the possibility of someone gaining access and "spoofing" or making someone think they are on a secure network when they are actually on a hijacked connecting broadcasting potentially secure or confidential material to an unknown. My Device here is designed to check for the signal and its frequency and validate it against known networks. If the network is not valid, it would send the frequency into the next circuit on the board which would create a jamming signal to block the traffic...hopefully long enough to fix the Access Point or to Change Frequencies of the devices to get them back onto a Secure Line"

He looked to the device. "In theory... it should be able to pick up beyond WiFi Signals and detect Radio or Communication signals as all WiFi is... is a Radio Signal broadcasting data on a specific frequency level." He looked up to him a moment as indeed his device did see Signal inside the tent, seemed to be Multiple Signals. "But, as I am not aware of the Official signals for the Overlord's network of Data and Communications, I cannot validate if these are proper frequencies or not"

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