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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
The evening of Day One goes rather soundly for William. His parents called again during dinner to check up, to which he was happy to report on the day, and he was able to get more barrings of the camp. All in all for him, he felt it was a good day, and fell to sleep soundly.

The next morning, William gets up not too long after the morning sun, and does his best to prepare for the day. As he looks at himself in the mirror, he does his best to practice presenting his project plans again, so as to make sure his idea is approved. Sastified after a few minutes he heads to the some breakfest and smiles as he awaits to see what happens today.

Quickly having breakfast, William gets on his way to the R&D Tent. As he enters inside, he can see a fellow recruit already beginning to present his project to Dr. Silver and a Tiger which he can tell from the outfit is likely on the higher end with the minions. Saluting to them in greeting, he listens a little to Nyght's presentation before quietly looking through the parts to recollect the pieces for his Vacuum Cannon plans.

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