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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
Amos had spent the previous night working hard on his project, which was a hand carving of the brain. He would then have to present the brain to Doctor Silver, and explain the anatomy and function of the brain. This presentation would cover the basics of how the brain worked, where and how it was divided, and give the listener an idea of how it functioned. When he was coming up with the idea, Amos didn't want to try and create something bombastic and extravagant. It was a simple, but dare he say it, cognitive project that clearly defined the things that he knew, for the most part. If anything, the project was more of way of introducing himself than anything else.

The brain itself was carved out of basswood. Amos chose basswood because it was easy to carve with, but still was able to retain intricate detail, which a carving of the brain definitely would require. He had added hinges at certain points to allow for him to open up the brain to reveal the inside. Primarily this was for the inner portions of the brain, which were slightly more complicated, though it was nothing he couldn't describe. He had made sure to paint each portion a different color to help make it easier when he was presenting it. The whole thing stood on a small wooden rod fixed to a wide bottom plate made of wood, and was held together with a small latch on the top to keep the whole thing from opening up, since he had to attach the hinges on the bottom. 

Before heading to bed that night, he read out of his paleontology book. Then, he began the drafting of several letters, one to his wife, and the others to his children. Making sure to take his time, when he went to bed he hadn't finished them. Amos had always loved to take his time writing his letters, because he loved to draft them as tiny pieces of his world. Full of detail and thought, who he had met so far and what he thought of them. What experiences he thought those to whom he wrote would enjoy, and so on. He was a careful thinker, but more so he loved to see the world through the eyes of others, and he used his letters to reflect that to those to whom he wrote. With half finished letters, his pills taken, and his back squarely cropped over his face as he snored, it was a good sleep indeed.

He woke up to his alarm, and got ready for the day. Going through his usual routine. He adorned his still fresh and new minion uniform, which he liked very much. Careful not to wrinkle it too much, finding the military look to be very interesting. Picking up his project, he carefully walked to the mess hall. Getting his food, he ate slowly as he ran his presentation through his head more than once. Once finished, he walked to the R&D tent, and saluted upon entry.

"Good morning Doctor Silver and-" He stopped, he hadn't met this Tiger yet. "and sir" He felt a little sheepish, but he didn't know what else to refer to him as. He would ask when it was his turn to present his project. The Tiger bore an aura of confidence and strictness around him however. To say the very least he was indeed a military man. Perhaps he was an aide of the Commander? Nevertheless, Amos took his seat at the front, where he had sat yesterday. Putting his project down, he crossed his fingers at his table, and waited to be called when ready.
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