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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
Silver was his usual disorganized self as he made his way to the R&D tent. He was looking forward to the ideas that were going to be presented to him and even more excited that he was going to get some help with Mark as a co-judge of these ideas.

He thanked the fact he'd actually gotten up early for a change, with help from Artemis at least to keep him from going back to sleep. So he had time to get his papers and files in order before the recruits filed in. He hoped they'd all be on time today. He finally set his files in order five minutes before his recruits were to file in. With a deep breath and long exhale he sat and waited, eager to see what his department had come up with.
Nyght walked in promptly, early this time to offset his blunder of being late the previous day as he held his prototype system in his hands. He smiled as he looked over to Dr. Silver. "Good Morning, Sir! Recruit Panthyr ready to demonstrate his Prototype Signal Scanner and Frequency Jammer" He nodded quietly, holding the device in both hands. He was told to make it with the parts shown, otherwise he surmised he could fit it into a single hand tool or perhaps integrate it into a tablet in some way, shape, or form if the technology was proven viable enough to proceed past Proof of Concept.

"Dr. Silver, most of my knowledge is based on network security. I have noticed most, if not all the people I have met use Tablets or computers for their jobs or personal activities. Signals go from Tablet or computer to the internet and back via access points. These access points need to be protected from potential attack or the possibility of someone gaining access and "spoofing" or making someone think they are on a secure network when they are actually on a hijacked connecting broadcasting potentially secure or confidential material to an unknown. My Device here is designed to check for the signal and its frequency and validate it against known networks. If the network is not valid, it would send the frequency into the next circuit on the board which would create a jamming signal to block the traffic...hopefully long enough to fix the Access Point or to Change Frequencies of the devices to get them back onto a Secure Line"

He looked to the device. "In theory... it should be able to pick up beyond WiFi Signals and detect Radio or Communication signals as all WiFi is... is a Radio Signal broadcasting data on a specific frequency level." He looked up to him a moment as indeed his device did see Signal inside the tent, seemed to be Multiple Signals. "But, as I am not aware of the Official signals for the Overlord's network of Data and Communications, I cannot validate if these are proper frequencies or not"
Mark arose at his usual early time when Boot Camp was in session, had a run and a workout, a bit of breakfast and then showered and dressed. Since the Military section had finished, Darius had assigned him to help Garret Silver judge the projects for the R&D recruits. The tiger made his way to the R&D tent and found Dr. Silver already seated and waiting for the recruits.

Good morning Garret, nice to be working with you."

He then had a seat as the first recruit entered and launched right into explaining his project. A bit fast and loose but he reminded himself this wasn't the Military bootcamp.
All Hail the Overlord!
The evening of Day One goes rather soundly for William. His parents called again during dinner to check up, to which he was happy to report on the day, and he was able to get more barrings of the camp. All in all for him, he felt it was a good day, and fell to sleep soundly.

The next morning, William gets up not too long after the morning sun, and does his best to prepare for the day. As he looks at himself in the mirror, he does his best to practice presenting his project plans again, so as to make sure his idea is approved. Sastified after a few minutes he heads to the some breakfest and smiles as he awaits to see what happens today.

Quickly having breakfast, William gets on his way to the R&D Tent. As he enters inside, he can see a fellow recruit already beginning to present his project to Dr. Silver and a Tiger which he can tell from the outfit is likely on the higher end with the minions. Saluting to them in greeting, he listens a little to Nyght's presentation before quietly looking through the parts to recollect the pieces for his Vacuum Cannon plans.
Amos had spent the previous night working hard on his project, which was a hand carving of the brain. He would then have to present the brain to Doctor Silver, and explain the anatomy and function of the brain. This presentation would cover the basics of how the brain worked, where and how it was divided, and give the listener an idea of how it functioned. When he was coming up with the idea, Amos didn't want to try and create something bombastic and extravagant. It was a simple, but dare he say it, cognitive project that clearly defined the things that he knew, for the most part. If anything, the project was more of way of introducing himself than anything else.

The brain itself was carved out of basswood. Amos chose basswood because it was easy to carve with, but still was able to retain intricate detail, which a carving of the brain definitely would require. He had added hinges at certain points to allow for him to open up the brain to reveal the inside. Primarily this was for the inner portions of the brain, which were slightly more complicated, though it was nothing he couldn't describe. He had made sure to paint each portion a different color to help make it easier when he was presenting it. The whole thing stood on a small wooden rod fixed to a wide bottom plate made of wood, and was held together with a small latch on the top to keep the whole thing from opening up, since he had to attach the hinges on the bottom. 

Before heading to bed that night, he read out of his paleontology book. Then, he began the drafting of several letters, one to his wife, and the others to his children. Making sure to take his time, when he went to bed he hadn't finished them. Amos had always loved to take his time writing his letters, because he loved to draft them as tiny pieces of his world. Full of detail and thought, who he had met so far and what he thought of them. What experiences he thought those to whom he wrote would enjoy, and so on. He was a careful thinker, but more so he loved to see the world through the eyes of others, and he used his letters to reflect that to those to whom he wrote. With half finished letters, his pills taken, and his back squarely cropped over his face as he snored, it was a good sleep indeed.

He woke up to his alarm, and got ready for the day. Going through his usual routine. He adorned his still fresh and new minion uniform, which he liked very much. Careful not to wrinkle it too much, finding the military look to be very interesting. Picking up his project, he carefully walked to the mess hall. Getting his food, he ate slowly as he ran his presentation through his head more than once. Once finished, he walked to the R&D tent, and saluted upon entry.

"Good morning Doctor Silver and-" He stopped, he hadn't met this Tiger yet. "and sir" He felt a little sheepish, but he didn't know what else to refer to him as. He would ask when it was his turn to present his project. The Tiger bore an aura of confidence and strictness around him however. To say the very least he was indeed a military man. Perhaps he was an aide of the Commander? Nevertheless, Amos took his seat at the front, where he had sat yesterday. Putting his project down, he crossed his fingers at his table, and waited to be called when ready.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Felix walked in while a fellow recruit was beginning his presentation. The husky wolf made his way to an empty seat and sat down. He was glad to be off his feet and hoped he wouldn't fall asleep. Right after the first day,  he decided to work on a part of his cane for his "prototype" and redraw his plans on a large sheet to aid his presentation. 

The wolf worked throughout the night, carving out a head of a wolf on some softwood he found yesterday in the tent. With his limp arm, Felix took twice as long to carve out the shape of a wolf and draw out his final draft. Before he knew it, he had about 4 hours before they had to report at the tent. After a quick nap, he got ready and was now waiting for his turn to present. 

This was normal for the wolf, working twice as long on things and sacrificing sleep to reach his goals. He just had to make sure he didn't overdo it.
Keep moving forward! No matter what! That's my creed. 
Razzle was putting the finishing touches on his medium sized telescope. He finished polishing the telescope and put it in a box that he had found among the items. He hoped that Silver would be pleased with his invention.

He made it a point to arrive early since he was almost late the day before. When he arrived at the tent, he saw that there were other minions already there, so he quietly took a seat near the back of the tent. He hoped that he wouldn't have to wait too long because the longer he waited, the more nervous he became.

Razzle was aware of past attacks that had almost caught the liar by surprise. By using these telescope, someone could keep a lookout for any possible threats. If this was successful, he visioned a larger version that could be connected to a monitor that someone could sit and watch for any threats.

Razzle had almost zoned out when he heard his name called. He then stood up and walked to the front of the tent. He carefully opened the box and presented his telescope to Silver for his review.
Silver nodded as Nyght made his presentation. "I fear in these matters I am not an expert on technology but that does sound like an impressive system. If you have a written report as well on your tablet I'll happily send it along to the appropriate channels so they can analyze your device with more capable eyes than my own. Though my initial impressions are rather positive, thank you for your thoughtful idea on how we can improve communications security!" He glanced at Tigermark. "Unless you have anything to add, Captain?"
The tiger nodded to Silver, "It is impressive. We already have security protocols for the intranet, but a small device like this that could detect malicious signals and attempted cyber attacks would be a good thing. I give this a passing mark, and also recommend it for evaluation and continued development by our IT team. Excellent work, Recruit Panthyr."

He made a note on his tablet and sent it. He then consulted the folder on the table. "Next presentation, Doctor Silver?"
All Hail the Overlord!
Nyght smiled a bit in delight, he not only succeeded in a design and implementation of a new tool, he seemed to get good reviews from both of the officers in front of him. "Thank you, Sirs... I will transmit my research notes and other ideas I had for the device to you now" He tapped the glass on his tablet a few times before nodding. "Sent.. Thank you again, Sirs" He placed the device on their table, thinking they would probably wish to take his prototype to give to R&D as well.

He spun on his heels and walked to a seat before sitting down, smoothing out his uniform as he waited for the others to show their items...Natural Curiosity and all.

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