Isla Aukate
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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
Razzle was putting the finishing touches on his medium sized telescope. He finished polishing the telescope and put it in a box that he had found among the items. He hoped that Silver would be pleased with his invention.

He made it a point to arrive early since he was almost late the day before. When he arrived at the tent, he saw that there were other minions already there, so he quietly took a seat near the back of the tent. He hoped that he wouldn't have to wait too long because the longer he waited, the more nervous he became.

Razzle was aware of past attacks that had almost caught the liar by surprise. By using these telescope, someone could keep a lookout for any possible threats. If this was successful, he visioned a larger version that could be connected to a monitor that someone could sit and watch for any threats.

Razzle had almost zoned out when he heard his name called. He then stood up and walked to the front of the tent. He carefully opened the box and presented his telescope to Silver for his review.

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