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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
William smiles as he is requested to come up. Gathering his supplies and making sure stuff is in place, he walks over to Dr. Silver and the Tiger officer with a smile. Placing a large PVC pipe on the table with a cap one end, he drops what looks like a small bowl down the open end and attaches a small hand pump to the other side. Taking a little shrink wrap he covers the other end and tapes it down./

"I hope you are doing well Today sirs. While I am largely skilled as a Chemist, I figured I would have issues finding such materials among the things there, so I decided to take an idea from the Physical field." he says with a grin as he hefted the tube. "This is a Vacuum Cannon. Now when I originally tried to work it out, I tried to call it a Vacuum Potato Launcher, but being we don't have a potato to launch out of it...oh well." He says with a grin. "Basically the cannon at the current moment is a closed system. No air can come in and no air can go out. However when I use this pump, the air will slowly be pumped out of the tube, causing the tube to become low in pressure, though it is still a closed system." He then points to the shrink wrap. "However I can open it up by popping the wrap, and in doing soo, air will flood into the tube and in the process push whatever is inside the launcher flying out as the pressure equalizes, causing it to very likely fly accross the room." he says with a smile. "So ya, thats the Vacuum Cannon. I figure it would be useful in some way as a simple way to test things with propulsion without the need of alot of excess energy." he finishes and smiles as he awaits responses.

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