Isla Aukate
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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
The tiger smiled back at Silver, careful not to show too much of his teeth. "If the tablet traffic I've seen going across my screen is any indication, they're having an.....interesting time of it."

He listened to Recruit Swiftstep's presentation, watching carefully how the model worked. He sat back pensively, contemplating the possible development, and usefulness, of the device. After several long moments, he sat back up straight.

"This is an idea that will require quite a bit of development to be used safely. As it can launch projectiles as well as more mundane things, it would need Her Majesty the Overlord's approval to go on. I can see some uses for an air cannon to launch lines for rescue and ship to ship, and perhaps uses to test things within R&D, but we already have those systems available from outside commercial sources. So, sell me on it. How do you see it being used?"
All Hail the Overlord!

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