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Bootcamp training day 2 Research and Development Department
William looked at the Tiger a little bit nervously. While he was a excellent man of the sciences, he always felt he wasn't the best salesman. "Well Sirs, I would say one of it's biggest advantages is it's simple in design and dosen't require a ton of bits a pieces to operate. One would only need the proper tubing for the frame, a properly sized air resevour, and vacuum to power it. This to me is an advantage of it in comparison to say, having to using a wheel based system when it comes to accelerating a projectile in testing." he says, before thinking for a brief minute. "It also is a system that doesn't require anything more than a source of power to run the vacuum, which could reduce costs in the case of systems that require a propellent to launch. Such could easily be used in the ship to ship cases where power is readily available." he says, hoping that was a good start.

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