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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
OOC: same posting rules apply. Please only post once within mod-posts. Mods for this thread are Darius Steele, Dexter Cobalt and Artemis. This post is for Base Ops sorted recruits only. Base Ops Recruits are: Digilord, Tamara, Charon, and Ara thorn)

General Steele walked alongside Dexter Cobalt as the two of them made their way to the Base-ops training tent that morning. Darius was going over the detailed report on the tablet but he had been no stranger to the events that transpired on the first day of the Base-ops Training.

"Let’s hope today is better, Dexter." Darius pressed the tablet into his friend's chest when he was done reading it. Dexter grabbed and held it there to prevent it from falling when Darius let go of it and pulled it away from his own chest.

"In fairness." Dexter replied. "Most of what occurred was beyond my immediate control." This got a glare from the General but Dexter continued, though his tone was more placating. "I DO realize they are my responsibility and I do still take responsibility for that. I'm merely observing that I may have had higher expectations and didn't... accommodate properly. Maybe if I had been firmer or.... I don't know... SOMETHING."

Darius's glare held for a few more moments then softened as he sighed. "You couldn't have known, for goodness sake you're a Doctor and a Cook. I shouldn't expect you to understand the deep psychology that comes with this job. Analyzing and judging character to the point of microscopic scrutiny."

Dexter quirked a brow at him. "I SHOULD have."

Darius finally smirked. "That's cheating. Besides if I wanted deep psychoanalysis of our recruits I could have always asked Silver. Except I think after check-in he'd sooner operate on a sea slug than set foot near Base Ops"

"I think you're underestimating him there." Dexter shot back, now smiling as well.

"Do you honestly think he'd want to get near this department?"

"No." Cobalt replied, his tone far more jovial now. "I think he'd be absolutely delighted to operate on a sea slug."

Darius blinked and then his smirk widened into a proper smile as he replied. "Mmm yes I guess you're right. He probably would."

The two of them finally arrived and entered into the tent to wait for their recruits as Darius continued to speak. "We also have a new assignment to fill in the gap left by our sole graduate. That should make things interesting today."

Cobalt made a face as he sat in one of the nearby chairs. "Please don't say it like that... yesterday was 'Interesting', I want today to be easy."

At this Darius laughed and began making tea with the portable kettle on a nearby table. "And you teased me about the last bootcamp run."

Cobalt flinched. "I know.... I know. I just hope Artemis doesn't hold yesterday too much against me."

Darius handed him a teacup and poured them both a measure of tea before sitting down next to his friend and taking a sip. "She adores you, please. Don't worry about that." With his free hand he shook his wrist and checked his watch. "Not long now, drink that while you can, I think you're going to need it."

Cobalt looked down at the Tablet and sent a message to the four Base ops recruits, informing them that it was time for them to meet him in the Base-ops training tent for further instruction for their second day. He made sure the Message was set to ping loudly so that even if they had their tablet on silent it would make a loud sound.

“Brace yourself, they’ll be here soon.”
Tamara was having breakfast, browsing the islands' network for news and such when her tablet pinged loudly, making her jump in surprise and attracting the attention of the nearby people. She was sure that she had set it to a discreet ping before, but obviously she didn't. Or maybe she inadvertently bumped it back to loud at some point and didn't realized it.

"Sorry," she said as a way of apologize to the people around, staff from the Mess tent and a few minions, while her heart went back to a more normal and steady beating after the surprise.

She touched the blinking icon to open the message, and read it. It was straightforward and signed by their instructor, meaning that breakfast was over. She looked towards the kitchen side, where someone was preparing fresh bacon, but the new batch wouldn't be ready for another ten minutes. With a sigh, the tigress took one last bite of her hasbrowns and sunny side eggs, finished her glass of fresh pineapple juice and wiped her muzzle clean before taking her tray back for cleaning.

Exiting the tent, she straightened her uniform, made sure it was still clean and brushed off some bread crumbs. Then she checked again that her hair was still nicely tucked behind her head in a pony tail. Satisfied that she was looking good and well within regulations, she made her way towards the Base Ops training tent. The tigress hesitated a split moment to make a detour via the Base Ops dormitories, and make sure her comrades had gotten the message and were getting on the way as well, but she reasoned that they surely received the same message than she did, and would be on their way quickly as well.

She had a split moment of surprise when saw that Darius was in the tent with Cobalt, as she wasn't expecting it, and she took a couple steps into the tent, straightening and saluting the two officers.

"General, Captain, Cadet Tamara reporting as ordered."
Darius inclined his head at Tamara came in. "Recruit," he corrected. "Cadet is a term we use for commissioned enlistees." He glanced at the clock on his tablet and looked at Tamara again. "At ease, while we wait for the rest to arrive."

“While we’re waiting, I should mention that Freya will not be joining us. She rather impressed everyone at the officer’s dinner last night that it was decided she’d be better served in the citadel.” Darius took a sip from his teacup and looked expectantly at the tent flap. “I just felt it might be worth mentioning.”

As the minutes ticked down to the starting time, no other recruit had come through the tent. The moment the time chimed on Darius' tablet he set it down and looked at Tamara with a bit more hardness. "I have to say this doesn't speak well for your fellow recruits, especially after the debacle of yesterday I would have expected all of you to be here bright and early." He made a small disgusted noise and picked his tablet up again. "Well, there was going to be a vote as to who would be the leader of today's activities but seeing as you're the only one here and on time that honor goes to you, Tamara."

Cobalt straightened in his chair. "Shall I go fetch the other recruits, then Sir?"

Darius shook his head. "Let's give them another half hour."
To say that Ara was tired would be something of an understatement. Using cotton swabs in an out-of-doors latrine setup was not only time-consuming and tedious but also an exercise in futility since every little breeze got dirt back again. The little vixen was exhausted, but she got the point loud and clear. This was to be her punishment for every mistake she'd made, starting with not doing enough research on what she was getting herself into and from there an avalanche. She'd spent the whole night there, even gotten a cryptic visit from Freya briefly telling her to be a good vixen and to chin up, that she'd be expecting to see her soon. A breif tight hug and back to work. Ara thought the world of the dragoness, she was kind and caring, yet disciplined and focused. A fine role model, and one she would strive to be like.

She was so focused on her task that she missed a few pings on her tablet. She blinked, realizing that there was daylight, and squeaked, yanking out her tablet. Oh, nonono, she was late! She splashed water on her face, tugged her uniform straight and raced to Base Ops, skidding in the open flaps on the heels of Darius' displeased comments. She fell to rigid attention next to Tamara and saluted, croaking, ears flaming red but upright and said, "Recruit Aralyn Thorn reporting as ordered, sirs! The recruit reports that the task is complete, General!"
Tamara relaxed her pose when Darius allowed it, mentally kicking herself in the rear for the mistake. The second day wasn't starting on a good footing already. A bit of nervousness came to her as the minutes passed and nobody else was showing up. She kept her pose still though, except for her ears that regularly swiveled and pointed towards the tent flap. The tip of her tail began to flick about nervously, as she asked herself where the others were and what they were doing, and if she would end up having to go through a team event on her own, or if she'd get another task to do.

Quote:As the minutes ticked down to the starting time, no other recruit had come through the tent. The moment the time chimed on Darius' tablet he set it down and looked at Tamara with a bit more hardness. "I have to say this doesn't speak well for your fellow recruits, especially after the debacle of yesterday I would have expected all of you to be here bright and early." He made a small disgusted noise and picked his tablet up again. "Well, there was going to be a vote as to who would be the leader of today's activities but seeing as you're the only one here and on time that honor goes to you, Tamara."

"Yes General, thank you, General," she replied, glancing quickly towards the entrance of the tent. Being the leader of a team of one wasn't much, but, at least, she didn't earned another negative point as with yesterday's event.

The tigress was very relieved by the arrival of the vixen, and expected the others to show up soon. The poor Aralyn looked exhausted, and Tamara cringed inwardly at the thought of the task she had to go through yesterday.
Ketha wasn't sure what to think as she lay in her assigned cot. Yesterday hadn't gone anyway how she thought. She never even finished her sparring match with that squirrel. What was his name again? Ketha shook her head, she supposed it didn't matter now. He got transferred out, and then Ketha got moved to a new department. Had she done that poorly? Was she that incompetent in her fighting? She had spent a good chunk of the night, and most of the morning, with these questions running through her head.

"At least I didn't throw up on him," She said with small smirk of satisfaction. Her stomach finally brought her out her internal dialogue with a loud rumble. "Welp, at least I am not sick this morning so I got that goin' for me."

Ketha got up and dressed, aiming to get a good breakfast this time around. She still felt echos of her nerves from the day before, but her usual confidence was returning. The initial introductions were out of the way, she could only go up from here right? She pulled her new tablet out from under her pillow. It might not have been the most ideal place for it, but it was mostly out of reflex. No sooner had she looked at the still unfamiliar device, she felt the color drain from her face. There blinking a beeping in front of her was an urgent message from the commanders of the Boot Camp. The message was time stamped for some time ago.

The string of expletives that follow this revelation were not pleasant. Ketha dashed out of her tent and made a beeline to the Base-Ops tent. Hoping she wasn't going to get chewed out too much for being so late. She skidded to a halt right outside the tent flap, not wanting to risk a repeat of yesterday. Ketha straightened out her uniform, and brushed off the dust from herself before stepping into the tent proper.

"Recruit Ketha Chambers reporting sir," she said giving a quick and crisp salute to Darius, and Cobalt. She noticed two other recruits already waiting within the tent. She could have sworn there was going to be more recruits. Perhaps she hadn't screwed up her second day as badly as she thought.
Darius scowled as the two recruits dashed in. He said nothing and kept them all in uncomfortable silence until the time he’d given for all to appear had run out once again. His scowl deepened as he set his tablet down and looked at the three before him. “Charon is lucky he has a coin.” He said coldly. “It will be his saving grace today. Ironic that the Cheetah should be the one who is the latest.” He grasped the pommel of his cane and slowly stood up.

“Recruit Chambers, as a potential future member of the military branch I’d expect to see more initiative, being late on your second day is hardly the actions of someone who might have lives relying on them to protect and save them from harm. See that this is the last time you’re late.”

Darius then turned to Ara. “Glad you could see to join us, Recruit Thorn. I realize you had a busy night, but the minions assigned to R&D are expected to be able to manage in situations like that. Even in our mistakes we learn how to prepare.”

Darius moved in front of Tamara. “Recruit Tamara, as you are the leader of today’s group activities I leave it up to you to come up with a fitting punishment for these two.” He sat on the edge of the desk, laid his cane beside his thigh and crossed his arms looking at the three. “Once that’s settled we can start work on your task for the day.”
Tamara felt herself froze when Darius asked her to hand out punishment to her two comrades for their lateness. It wasn't really what she thought she'd have to do first as leader of the team for today's exercise. And it's not like she more or less skipped that chapter when she read through the rules on her padd, the previous evening, after the debacle that was yesterday's exercise.

The tigress took a breathe, her heart and mind racing. One thing came back to her mind though, something she read in the book about punishment needing to be related with the crime. That's when she got an idea and relaxed a bit.

"Recruits Thorn and Chambers," she said after turning to face them, "since you've been half an hour late for today's task, you'll have to arrive half an hour early for tomorrow's task. You're to come to this tent and wait in the same position that you are now, until the time to begin the task is up."

Tamara turned back and looked at Darius, hoping that the punishment she handed would meet the General's approval.
Ara felt her heart drop through her boots when the General's displeasure was expressed in yet another punishment for her to endure, and then felt ice water in her veins as he turned the task of figuring out their punishments to the tigress. She felt sick, and forced herself to remain at attention with her humiliated reddened ears upright, listening to Tamara as she announced their punishment. Well, that was easy to agree to, at least for the vixen: at the rate this was going she'd be on her way back to University by lunchtime. She remained facing forwards and in a clear and loud voice (not a shout), proclaimed, "Yes, ma'am, clearly understood!" Being meek and brooding would not do, here, she'd made an error, she'd deal with it and move on, and give her tasks her best efforts.
Well that wasn't nearly as bad as I expected it to be. Ketha thought to herself as the General expressed his disapproval at her tardiness. Truthfully, Ketha felt she deserved much worse than a simple scolding, especially considering how she had arrived for yesterday's meeting. Yet what really drew her attention was Darius saying that Tamara was in charge of punishing the two of them.

A multitude of possibilities flooded Ketha's mind. Not being able to eat for 24 hours. Having to sleep outside tonight. Run around the camp until she says stop. All this and more ran through her mind. She was actually starting to become thankful that she hadn't eaten breakfast. Then she heard that her punishment was simply to arrive an hour earlier to the next meeting. That's it? Ketha thought to herself. Thankfully that Tamara didn't seem to be one of those people who liked to hold their authority over others. Or at the least wasn't used to having power to begin with.

"Understood Ma'am," Ketha said all the same. She was already starting off on the wrong foot. She didn't want to risk pissing off the General or Tamara anymore than she already might have.

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