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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
OOC: My apologies for not noticing the boards was starting up again. I should have kept tabs on the RP but was busy with work as I am in real life a CPR instructor and FTO for security. *bows head*


Charon had been having fitful dreams of late. The last night was no exception. Maybe it was because he was in a new setting, the lack of food in his stomach or a combination of both he didn't know but what he did know nothing was an excuse for tardiness. It was going to be a show no matter what he did so he hurried to dress himself property with the second set uniform he had been given, giving time to quickly inspect the buttons where shined and the uniform was in proper order.

He quickly walked to the line which was facing General Darius and Captain Cobalt. He knew he would be costing his fellow recruits and he was willing to shoulder most of the blame for his tardiness. He did overhear a punishment to Recruit Thorn and Chambers; a fair punishment to be sure but he was willing to wait an hour earlier if need be. The lanky cheetah bowed his head and spoke up. "My apologies for being late General," he began. "No excuse for this transgression and I am willing to accept any punishment as you or Recruit Tamara wishes to give to me."
Darius’s eye twitched a little as the cheetah finally entered. He took a deep breath and a long sip of tea and closed his eyes briefly before he spoke.

“So nice of you to join us, Charon.” Another sip of tea. “I was not expecting someone of your… species to be so tardy. Yesterday for your gracious defeat you were given a coin. So I am going to give you a choice, Charon, you can give it up or you can take the punishment I give you for being late.” He exhaled.

“Today three of the four of you will be cleaning the barracks. The fourth, and your leader, Tamara, will be instructing you on this.” the general moved to Tamara. “You three will be working under her direct orders, you cannot do ANYTHING except exactly what she tells you to do.” His gaze fell on the tigress. “And you cannot do more than give orders. You tell them what to do, and they do it. You do not lift a finger on your own.”

He turned to Charon. “Your punishment will be that you must assist them with no tools. No broom, no dustbin… nothing but your hands.” He turned to Tamara. “And you will not coddle him, and give him a job that is easy to do without tools, do I make myself perfectly clear.”
Aralyn remained at rigid attention, her ears up and swiveling to follow everyone. She cast a sidelong glance at the blue dragoness next to her...Great Planck's Constant, she was big! Two dragons in three days, that was simply remarkable! Even if she were free to comment she would be at a loss. She cast another glance at the cheetah and winced at the choice given - if it were her, she wouldn't give up that coin for anything. And after an entire night of cleaning the latrine with swabs, that was saying something.

Still, the task did not SOUND too formidable at first blush. Then again, none of them were soldiers until two days ago, so well, could Tamara give good orders? And they must follow those orders, no matter what they were, and not improvise. Okayyyyy, if that's what His Nibs wanted, she'd do precisely that and only that. Perhaps today could be an uphill climb after all.
Charon thoughts drifted to the coin which was secured in his bunk locker, but it was the slight eye twitch and long pause before speaking which gave the cheetah pause to think of nothing but accepting the punishment. It would be the ultimate sign of humility to give back the coin; knowing he was late, much more late than the other recruits but the General had given him an out. No tools to clean the barracks didn't seem too bad. Working up a sweat and doing manual labor seemed just and he did say he was willing to accept any punishment the General doled out.

Charon saluted the General smartly and yelled. "Yes, Sir."

He couldn't think of anything else to do but to give the General and Recruit Tamara their due respect.
"Yes, Sir. Crystal clear, Sir," she replied to Darius, straightening her pose as she spoke.

Her mind was already working on the task at hand, and trying to come up with solutions to the extra complications brought by Charon's punishment. Three tents to clean up. Three people under her orders to do it. One of them forbidden to even lay his eyes on a tool. All of them having to act like robots and follow her orders to the letter, meaning she'd have to give them orders for about everything, and be quite specific.

While she wasn't stranger to full cleaning; they'd do a thorough cleaning of the family house back home once a year or so; the tigress wasn't used to have to spell everything out clearly, as Darius' orders clearly stated. This was going to be challenging, for her, but also for the others, she suspected: having to play dumb and follow orders to the letters, and not do anything else despite knowing what the general task was wouldn't be as easy as it sounded.
So she just had to follow Tamara's orders huh? Ketha smiled to herself. This is going to be easy, she thought. She doubted that anyone's tent was going to be all that messy, so cleaning them up will be a snap. She did feel kinda bad for the one guy who had to do everything with his hands, but she had to focus on herself more than the others. Unless of course Tamara ordered her to do so.

That did get Ketha thinking. Just how good of a leader was Tamara going to be? She didn't think either of them had been here all that long, so they were complete unknowns to each other. Either way, Ketha was going to have to put her trust in the feline recruit.
Darius nodded and picked up his tablet. “A wise decision, Recruit Charon, and I respect you taking the punishment, for the record.” He tapped a message out on the tablet and waited for a response. “While we’ve been standing here discussing your punishments and your new assignments for the day, your barracks have been ransacked. Fear not, your personal effects are safe but your beds have been unmade, the furniture thrown into disarray and dirt and debris liberally strewn about the floor and every which way. Afterall I never said this was going to be easy. So.. Tamara, you will instruct the other two, Charon, Keetha you will be following her orders to the letter. Captain, will you kindly escort them back to their tents?”

A reply pinged back on the tablet. “And just in time. Our agents of mayhem have completed the task of throwing your tents into disarray. Dismissed!”
"Aye, Sir," said Tamara to Darius, before turning towards the other two Recruits.

"Recruit Keesha, recruit Charon, form ranks and follow me," she ordered them. If her task for the day was to give orders, then she thought she'd better start right away.

"Captain," said the tigress to Cobalt with a nod, "we're ready to go."

As they followed Cobalt, Tamara couldn't help but think that, depending on the level of shambles in the three barracks, this could become a quite formidable task, especially since she had only two people to perform, one of whom was barred from using any tool of any sort, yet she had been ordered to not just give him jobs easy to do without tools, which would seem like the sensible things to do if one wanted to have this done quickly and efficiently. This could quickly turn into a nightmare.

She made a quick checklist as they walked: they'll probably need to clean up everything, from floor to beds to the furniture, get rid of dirt and debris, probably wash their bedding, then remake their beds and put every piece of furniture back in place. But dirt is better sweeped with a broom, washing blankets and sheets takes a bloody long time if done by hand, not to mention drying them, and this for three barracks.

Her tail flicked about a bit nervously, and she took a breathe as they arrived at their tent and walked inside, silently wondering how bad it was going to look.
Ketha sighed a bit as Darius began to talk about how their respective tents were being ruined during this meeting. Seriuosly? she thought they are going to make problems for us? She knew at some level that just a simple cleaning duty wasn't all that much, or that hard, but actively destroying where they were staying? That seemed a bit much. It was one thing to challenge them, it was another to purposefully put obstacles in their way. As if she wasn't concerned enough both Darius and Tamara began to mispronounce her name. Were they trying to tick her off?

Ketha's thoughts were interrupted as Tamara began to order the pair. She would be upset later, especially after they could act upon their own initiative again."Yes Ma'am," She said with a quick salute followed by falling in behind Tamara as they left.
It was quite clear from the General, he meant to make this as hard as possible and he was right after hearing the barracks was in the process of being thoroughly disheveled by whomever. Again he saluted the General, Captain Cobalt and Tamara and fell into line behind Ketha. As much to be expected, the nervousness of Tamara was palpable. "Just do your best and no job is too hard for any of us; especially if we all work as a team," Charon said, giving Tamara a boost of confidence. "Albeit my use of tools is prohibited, we can all do this if we are focused."

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