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Bootcamp training Day 2 Base ops Department
Dexter got up and smiled congenially at the three of them. “There will be a break for lunch, we’ll come and get you for that.” He led them out of the tent and back to their barracks where, as the general had stated, it was in a terrible disarray. Beds had been upturned and mattresses, pillows and blankets scattered. Dirt from the floor had been strewn everywhere there was a surface. Paper and debris had been thrown about and torn up to confetti and blanketed the entire area.

“Good luck, you have until the end of the day to get it all back in order.” Cobalt grinned brightly for a split second flashing those strange teeth of his and left the recruits to their task.
Tamara looked at Cobalt as he departed, tilting her head a bit when he flashed them those strange teeth. She wasn't aware that Humans had such pointy teeth, the few she saw didn't had them, but perhaps Cobalt and others were from a different species of Humans, like there were many species of anthro-animals on the islands. And, anyway, she didn't had much time to dwell on this strangeness.

She sighed as she reviewed the extent of the mess and tried to plan how to clean it up before the end of the day, with one worker unable to use any kind of tools.

"Alright, let's get to work!" she said, clapping her paws together and turning to her two aides.

"Ketha: go get a broom, dustbin, mop, bucket filled with soapy water, washcloth and cleaning brush and come back here. Once you're back, you'll start by dusting everything, beginning by the drawers, then the beds and finally the floor. Once dusting is done, you'll clean the same items with the soapy water and washcloth, then mop the floor."

"Charon: pile up everything at the entrance by item: mattresses, blankets and pillows, they'll have to be dusted and washed. Then you'll help Ketha dust and mop by moving the furniture out of her way so she clean, then back into it's proper place once she's done dusting and mopping."
Did, did Tamara just tell me to mop a dirt floor? Ketha thought to herself, her eyebrow raising in confusion. She was just about to say what a odd command to give it was, before she remembered she was supposed to be following Tamara's orders to the letter. If she want's me to mop a dirt floor, guess I'm mopping a dirt floor. "Understood Ma'am," Ketha said, giving a crisp salute and began to turn to to leave to acquire the cleaning equipment.

However she stopped just outside of the tent's entrance, and turned back around. "Ma'am I'm am sorry for this, but I don't know where any of that is." Ketha had been placed in the military department, this combined with her rather rushed past two days, she hadn't yet fully familiarized herself with what is in every tent. She would be wasting valuable time searching each tent trying to find cleaning implements she didn't think she would be using in her original department.
The feline smiled. 'Perfect, putting things in order from chaos by forming a filing system...of sorts.'

Charon began with the heaviest items which were the mattresses. Coughing and sneezing as he lifted the first one he was about to use a pen and paper to write whose bedding goes where then stopped himself. "Tamara, ma'am, maybe someone writing down a name on a piece of paper and then hanging it on the wall would make it easy to know ownership of each mattress and bedding?"

He took Ketha's mattress and then a thought entered his mind "Ketha, do you have a picture of yourself?" he asked. "It would be easier to discern which pile belongs to each cadet. I think I have a picture of myself fishing on the coastline, if I can find where my locker is from the tornado which tore through here."
Darius approached the Barracks with a tablet and a mug of tea, He sipped it nonchalantly as he peeked into the tent and passively glanced at the state of things. “The supplies are in the tent you went in when you checked in on the first day.” He answered absently as if it were reflex for him to answer, before Tamara had a chance to respond. His eyes however were on the state of the Barracks, perhaps he wanted to see the state they were left in himself. He took another drink from the mug. “You’ll find an attendant there who will get you what you need.”

Darius moved out of the way so that Ketha could get past him to the supply tent. “Carry on, Recruit Tamara.” He said softly as he moved away from the tent and made his way onward to the R&D tent to see how things were going there.

The Gecko from the uniform tent was at the supply tent today and carefully stacking supplies when Ketha approached. “Oh hi there! Do you need something?” the Gecko asked brightly, batting her crested eyelashes a few times.
Tamara tensed some when she heard Darius' voice. While he gave them the information that they needed, she couldn't help but think that he was already checking up on them, barely five minutes after they've started on the task, which spoke volume of the level of confidence he seemed to have towards them.

"Get there Ketha, and forget the mop," she added as the dragonness left the tent.

"I don't think there's much use to identifying which mattress or blanket belongs to whom," she said to Charon. "First of all, because those items belong to the Overlord's forces, second, because they'll have to be thoroughly cleaned before the end of the day, and third, because I don't think any of us has an illness or anything that could contaminate the others though the beddings. I won't turn cheetah if I sleep on a mattress you used, nor will you turn dragon if you sleep under a banket previously used by Ketha," she added with an amused chuckle. "Just stack them for now. Mattresses on top of each other, pillows together, blankets and sheets on separates piles as well."
The feline smirked. "Would be interesting to sprout wings and fly though," Charon said, taking Tamara's suggestions to heart and placing the mattresses on top of one another.

They weren't heavy but just awkward to hold and to lift from their final resting place to the pile. The pillows were much easier to handle as he took off the pillow cases and places them along with the blankets and sheets. All could be washed together if the others were allowed to use a washer and dryer. Charon then looked around began to lift overturned lockers to their more natural state and pieced together the bed frames if they were in disrepair.
Ketha nearly jumped out of her skin when Darius walked into the tent. She was relieved when he did point out where to find the cleaning supplies, she was even more relieved when Tamara told her to skip the mop. "Thank you sir!" Ketha saluted before dashing off to the supply tent.

When she finally arrived she was thankful that the Gecko seemed nice and friendly. "Yes I need some cleaning supplies. Specifically a broom, dustbin, a washcloth, and a bucket of somekind to carry some warm soapy water. If you could assist me with that?"

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