Isla Aukate
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Posting deadlines temporarily increased
I realize with Thanksgiving coming up that our current weekly posting obligations might be asking a bit too much and after the stressful week I've had with the parental visit, kitten placement, having other drama in my life that I don't need to go into, I think we can all use a break. I'll still be posting as necessary but I'll give people more time to post in-thread. So the deadline for this round of posting for bootcamp will be December 3rd.

Stay well and enjoy the Holiday.
Thank you for the increase.
"What would you do for a better world?"
Ah, Thanksgiving. The holiday that stretches both over time, since you Americans will be eating the leftovers for that long, and over your belts! :p Try not to gain too much weight, I know that winter is coming, but you don't need to stock up on fat! :p

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