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Minor Delays.
I have not yet fully recovered from the holidays. I meant to put the forum on hiatus during said holidays but I was so caught up in the usual family and holiday drama I never got around to it. Apologies there. I am still battling a nasty cold/sinus infection and even though I'm thankfully on the tail-end of it, it's still knocking me flat during the day. I hope to get back to my usual posting near the end of this week/start of next week.

Again I apologise for the delays. I have some things for the Citadel I'd like to get started too and unfortunately I also need a brain not addled by cold medicine to make that happen. Otherwise the RP prompt is going to be really trippy :p. Rest assured I've not forgotten non-bootcamp threads. It's more I want to be able to pass as many people as possible so we actually have a nicely populated RP for some of the bigger ideas I have in mind.

Saying that, something to whet the appetite for the citadel is coming soon. I appreciate all of you for being so patient with me and thank you for being lenient with me while I battle some of my own personal demons and dragons that the year-end inevitably brings.

I'll back soon unless by some awful twist of fate I start getting sick again. Here's hoping this won't be the 2 month long plague I had last year.
Hey, trippy can be good XD

Rest and get well, Fox! <3
rest and get better Fox
We will wait for you ^^
Yes, rest well Miss Fox! Doctor's orders ;3
Rest, and recuperate; hope you're feeling better soon.

Looking forward to seeing what new stuff you have cooked up.
Work on getting better and we look forward to your return!

Be well!
"What would you do for a better world?"
So, any idea when RP might resume?
(01-23-2017, 08:45 PM)Tamara Wrote: So, any idea when RP might resume?

Sorry, as you can see with some of our other updates we've been busy with art projects and scripting and comicry. While also still slowly recovering from the holidays. My attempts at forecasting when we'll return have been met with life punching me (and my co-team) in the face in various ways so rather than continue that trend I'll simply state that I will return when I'm able to. Which I hope to be very soon.

There is still a human element to these things, and we're just as prone to slips in schedule as anyone else and for a pack of die-hard introverts social situations like holiday obligations can be very very draining. I had hoped to be back to posting by now, and I could focus on one thread at least. But other threads have been needing attention and I find it unfair to post in only one when many need attention.

So "Soon" tm is really all I can promise. But I can at least say that when I DO return we'll have new threads for BC graduates too.
I perfectly understand that there is a human element to this, as well as with everything. It's just that none of your updates on your FA account spoke of this forum, thus my question.

Also, because I always think of this when I see this word and it's fun to read, so I thought I'd share the fun, here's a link to a tentative explanation of the meaning of Soon. Big Grin
Soon ™ is a joke that was used often with Blizzard. It's a period of time somewhere between now, and the end of time.

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