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Keala Bombini
Name: Keala Bombini
Island of birth: March/Maati
Age: 24
Preferred occupation: courier, gardener/herbalist
Species: buff-tailed bumblebee 
Eye color: goldenrod
Hair color: n/a
Height: 5' 4"

Brief character description: 
  Keala is of average height and build for a worker. Her chitin is a dark yellowed brown, 
as is the majority of her fuzz. She has a thick band of yellow at her neck and first 
set of shoulders and another at her hips and the base of her abdomen. The end of her 
abdomen is pale, and it is this marking from which her species derives its name. Her 
antennae often betray her emotions. 

Character background/history: 
  Keala grew up in one of the factory families of Maati. She started work in the family 
factory after graduating high school, working only part time until she finished her 
Associate of Arts. Unsure of where she wanted to go with her studies, she switched to 
working full time. 
  She spent a couple years like this, trying different roles in the dye business. Her 
queen-mother suggested to her in a meeting that she try something outside the family 
business, that she expand her horizons, and so Keala looked toward the Overlord's 
forces. To her mind, it has some of the same structure as a hive-family, but with a 
much wider range of jobs to explore and people to meet. 
  While working at the factory, developed an interest in natural dyes. In cultivating 
some few of the plant-based ones for herself*, that curiosity evolved into gardening as 
a hobby. She has since cultivated an herb-garden in one of the communal residential 
areas, though she has outright refused to plant cilantro. 
  Will take flights as a form of stress relief, or heads up to the rooftop at night to 
look at the stars. Doesn't know the constellations or navigation, it simply makes her 
feel small and this is a comfort. 

* Indigofera. True indigo or wild indigo (latter native to Hawaii). Blue. Some 
varieties also painkillers and anti-inflammatory (articulata, oblongifolia, 
aspalthoides, arrecta).
  Delphinium/Larkspur. Yellow. Poisonous (incl. agitation, respiratory difficulty, loss 
of motor control -> motor paralysis, respiratory arrest). 
  Weld. Bright yellow. Weed.
  Common madder. Red, pink, orange.

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