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Another normal day (free form)
OOC: This is a free form thread. It will be started by myself but anyone can post here and not have to wait for a mod-post to progress. Please avoid massive time jumps and adhere to the fundamental rules of the forum and posting.

(note, please respect some sort of posting order for all participants in the lair. If I see excessive posts from users I may message them privately and tell them to let other people have a turn, I usually consider exessive as posting after each post made by more than one character. If two people are having a conversation I'll make an exception to a point.)

Darius fumbled with his reports as he left his office that morning. He'd not gotten much sleep and was looking forward to getting some much needed rest once he turned the reports in. On his way to the archive he passed by the Base-ops Barracks and slipped one of the papers he was holding into the slot for someone to add to the daily queue.

it read "Attention Base Operations personell. The Darnathi supplies for the ship are running low, and will require foraging assistance to bring them back up to appropriate levels. I've attached a list of appropriate foodstuffs to be aquired and brought to General Tungsten for distribution.

Regaurds, General Darius Steele."

The attached list was simple but informative. Fish, Mangoes, bread apples, five Deer, three boar and any other ripe fruit or shell fish that could be acquired. The deadline was posted as evening of the same day.

The General smiled to himself, shuffled his files and headed off to Research and Development next.
Freya, ever the morning person, was up and about early. She stepped out of her room, stretching briefly in the doorway before straightening her uniform top, and heading off to see what was on the agenda for the day.

She made her way through the corridors without haste, eventually arriving where the day's requirements, and assignments were distributed. She stopped for a moment as she noticed that there was something new in the slot for foraging requests.

She pulled out the sheet and read over it. "Oh wow, hmm..." She muttered to herself as she read. "Probably going to take a few of us to fill this." She continued as she pulled her tablet out. She knew she'd found a couple areas with fruit trees that had fruit almost ripe. She pulled up a map, and looked over her notes, confirming the areas she remembered.

As she scanned over the list again, she wondered to herself if any of the others had spotted a deer herd recently, She figured she could probably bring at least one down fairly easily. The boars, on the other hand, would probably prove to be a bit of a handful.

She looked up from the paper, and noticed she was the only one in at the moment. "Well, may as well put all this into the queue." She said to herself before finding a comfortable place to sit down, and get to work.
Mark yawned slightly as he walked the corridor. He'd just kissed his lovely lynx wife goodbye as she headed for the kitchens. She'd been up to supervise breakfast, and had met him to say good morning as he came in for the day. Most mornings they came in together, but this morning he'd had to delay coming in to stop by the Chimenticore Aerie to renew his personal transport contract.

As he walked through the maze of corridors on his way to the main hangar to check on a maintenance issue, he met General Steele at a crossing.

"Good morning General, nice to see you smiling."
All Hail the Overlord!
Garran woke up grumpily. He wasn't really a morning person, and he woke up even earlier than usual. He considered curling back under the sheets for a moment, but there was really no point in risking oversleeping, so he got out of the bed with an annoywd mewl.

On his way towards R&D he noticed commander M'Rega, displayed a military salute for good measure, and reached the labs not much later. Lights were off, all was silent: looked like he was the first that day, though Garran was sure Bane was already stalking around somewhere. He reached the panels and switched all the lights on, listening at the lamps turning on around the lab with a faint "whomp" with each snap of a switch.
He always liked the feeling of things starting.
The corner of Darius' mouth tugged into somthing more of a cordial grin as he looked up at Commander M'rega. "Rare sight these days I think, might want to document it for R&D." He pulled another sheaf of paper from his files and was about to put it into the slot for the day when he saw Garran and passed it off to him instead.

"Order of business for today, make sure Lady Bane also sees it before you put it on the bulletin."

The Order was, oddly, for a special new type of Min-Ion energy drink that would be developed with the Darnathi Empath in mind. A much higher caloric content, infused protein and appropriate Carbohydrates. For most people the specs Darius was asking for would be enough nutrition for an entire day. He'd leave the specifics to the chemistry experts.

Once that was done Darius turned to Tigermark again. "Although, I am glad you are here. I fear I've had one all-nighter too many and I need to get some rest. I've put in an order for a foraging team in Basic Operations and I was hoping you and some of your men might be willing to escort them into the wilds. We still have some rogue Dolphoria and thurvines on the loose and I'm... not entirely convinced that the wild Boar problem has been taken care of in our north west sector. Maybe you could send a small contingent out there later to see if I'm just being paranoid."
Mark nodded his understanding. "No problem Darius. I have to check on a battery maintenance problem on one of the Dragonflys at the hangar, but that's only authorizing the parts order. I'll head over to Security Ops and see who's on the list for backup call out and put together a team. Two scouts should be able to check the Northwest sector. I'll check on that also. You in the meantime, my friend, go get some rest."

The tiger saluted and turned to go about his duties, but then looked back over his shoulder with a grin.

"And don't let Her Majesty keep you up all day."

With a wink and a flip of his tail, he headed for the hangar.
All Hail the Overlord!
Razor was early to rise as usual. His personal work out regimen was complete, he'd showered, and now it was time for some breakfast. He set off to his destination at a brisk job, before skidding to an abrupt stop when he spotted the familiar white and black striped pelt of his superior.

Webbed hand flying to his forehead in a sharp salute, he grinned his normal toothy grin "Mornin' Commander, Sir! Fine day, yeah?"
Not long after Garran was in the lab, Archeus strode in. Her oversized brief case by her side, she humped it to the desk, letting it land with a thwump! She unlocked the desk, grabbed a box from its drawers and walked over to the chemical stand, grabbed a flask, filled it with water and lit the burner.
As the water came to a boil she sat the flask in a holder on the lab bench. Slowly she lowered a packet in the water from the box she had retrieved.
She yelled to Garran. "Mr White; Teas' a brewing." 
Archeus returned to her office, whilst the tea steeped. Sitting at her desk she looked annoyed at the amount of paperwork before her. The desks contents seemingly to have grown magically.
The sphinx addressed the general with a salute and took the paper, bowing before going to the lab. He looked at the requests: high level energy drinks. Hmmm, surely chemistry wasn't his field.

After turning everything on, he spent the next few minutes looking around for Bane before Archeus arrived. He waved from afar and approached her after examining another room. "Good morning Archy!" he said with a smile "Hope you slept well." The smell of tea was slowly spreading, a pleasant aroma filling the still empty labs. "Mmm, smells very good... Speaking of drinks, we have the request for today. From the general's hands no less. It looks like some super energy drink, though by how it looks it should sustain an entire patrol with a single can." He showed the paper to the blue tiger, chuckling.
"Steele said to show it to lady Bane before putting it on the bullettin. I was looking for her. Did you see her on your way here?"
Jade stretched and yawned, waking up after a not-entirely-restful night. Groggily, she got ready for the day and made her way down to mess. After a short breakfast of cinnamon toast and a bit more fiddling with her hair to make it somewhat presentable, Jade finally made her way to the labs. Along the way she kept an eye out for her boss, but did not see Bane even on arrival to the labs. She did see a couple of her colleagues however, whom she greeted.

"Mrf, good morning Garran, Archy." After a quick stretch and a deep breath to get her blood flowing a bit more freely, she continued "So, what do you think today's project will be?"
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